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Workout Wednesday: American Twisters

May 25, 2016

This workout features the talented gymnasts at American Twisters as they prepare for the final meets of the 2016 spring season. American Twisters has a large team of level 10s and elites but they are able to fit a ton of high-quality gymnastics into a short amount of time with their fast paced workouts and focused mindsets. 

For a more in-depth version of this workout watch our Workout Insiders. Part 1 is here and part 2 will be posted this Friday! These Insiders include their conditioning rotation as well as their floor dance/cardio rotation, both of which were not shown in the Workout Wednesday.

Drills with American Twisters:
Drilling Positions in Beam Round Off Dismounts
Shaping Drills for Toe Hands and Variations
Sliders for All Types of Aerials

American Twisters had an incredibly impressive performance at J.O. Nationals. Check out their results below: 
Abigail Johnston, Jr F: 37.500 (Nebraska)
Alexandra Greenwald, Jr E: 37.800 (Iowa)
Baleigh Garcia, Jr A: 37.575
Brooke Butler, Jr B: 38.175
Daniella Castillo, Jr B: 36.275
Heather Swanson, Sr E: 38.050 (Arizona)
Karrie Thomas, Sr A: 37.075 (Maryland)
Kyla Gamble, Sr B: 37.425 (Towson)
Lea Mitchell, Sr D: 37.800 (Michigan State)
Taylor Anderson, Jr D: 36.875 (Michigan State)
Jade Degouveia (Oklahoma) also qualified but withdrew due to a minor injury.