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Recruiting 101: How To Decide Between Multiple NCAA Scholarship Offers

Aug 9, 2017

There are many gymnasts who have been given several verbal offers from coaches and and need to make that final decision. If that is you, first and foremost, remember that you will graduate in four years, so you need to be sure you are at a school that has the major and academic standards you want and need for your life after college.  

Below are some other helpful things to think about:

1.  Get clear what you really want by making a list. Put it on paper and visually look at all the pros and cons.

2.  Don't choose something just because you are suppose to. If you feel pressure, step back and take your time. You should always ask the college coach what is the time frame for responding with an answer.  

3.  Talk to the important people in your life. Club coaches, parents, friends, or advisors will all give you things to think about that could be helpful and could possibly give you a bigger perspective.  

4.  No one makes perfect decisions 100 percent of the time. Remember that no school or team will be perfect. Whichever team or school that has most of the items you are looking for could be the right choice.  

5.  When in doubt, go with the coach that has shown you that they really want you. There is nothing better than being on a team that has shown you personal interest and that knows you well. It's a great sign when colleges show you that they've gotten to know you personally, that they will take good care of you in and out of the gym.

JH Consulting is an advising business for parents and club gymnasts. Parents hire Jill to help them navigate the college recruiting process. You can call her for a FREE consultation by going to www.jhicksconsulting.com