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Recruiting 101: Acro & Tumbling In College

Recruiting 101: Let’s Talk Acro & Tumbling In College

Nov 9, 2017

The mission of the NCATA is to bring the sport of acrobatics and tumbling to becoming a fully sanctioned NCAA national championship sport.  


1.  Website information: www.thencata.org
2.  Number of schools: 20 universities
3.  Six events: Compulsory, Acro, Pyramid, Toss, Tumbling, Team event
4.  Who are candidates? Artistic gymnasts strong in tumbling, cheerleaders, and acro and tumbling athletes.
5.  Recruiting: typically starts junior year of high school.
6.  Camps: some universities have summer camps and clinics.
7.  Some skills needed:

   - Round off back handspring 1 1/2

   - Standing tucks

   - Straddle jumps

   - Two back handsprings 1/1

   - Round off back handspring 1/1

   - Handstand hold 10 seconds

   - Aerial skill

8.  Videos: Filmed on non-spring floor.

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