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Recruiting 101: How To Know If A College Coach Is Serious About You

Mar 9, 2017

Gymnasts often ask me how they can tell when a college coach is serious about them after they have sent their website or an introduction email. While every college coach recruits a little bit differently, below are some of the patterns you might see if the recruiting process is getting more serious.

1. The college coach will contact your club coach to set up a time to come to watch you practice.

2. If the college coach likes what they sees at the practice, they will talk to your club coach and invite you and your parents to come on a unofficial visit to their campus.

3. On unofficial visits, the college coach will often give tour a of campus, invite you to watch their practice, and introduce you to their team. The coach will also have you meet with the school's academic services and possibly an advisor in the area of study you prefer.

4. At this point the college coach may make you a verbal offer if he or she thinks you are going to be the right fit for the team.

Keep in mind, not all college programs have the budget to go to each recruit's club. They may instead invite you to come to their summer college camps in order to watch you work out and see you interact with other girls in a practice situation.

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