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4 Ways To Market Yourself To A College Coach

Recruiting 101: 4 Effective Ways To Market Yourself To A College Coach

Mar 23, 2017

As you work through the college recruiting process, be prepared to brag about yourself in a humble and professional manor. Below are four tips on standing out in the crowd of recruits. 

1.  First, you must be sure you have picked realistic schools both academically and athletically. 

2.  Bullet point it. Be organized, short, and to the point. Coaches do not have a lot of time to read through long emails or phone conversations. 

3.  Tell them a short story about yourself. Be creative and original. 

4.  Leave them wanting to know more about you. It can be a skill you plan to compete or video footage you will be sending them.  

Most of all, remember you are selling yourself in the recruiting process. Yes, your skill level is going to speak volumes, but how you present your strengths is also very important.

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