Complete List: FloGymnastics Documentaries

Our most popular and beloved video feature on FloGymnastics are our documentaries, including our original "Beyond the Routine" series. These videos give our audience an unparalleled look behind the scenes of the top gymnasts in the country. We don't just show you their gymnastics, but give you insight into their training regimen, philosophy, and life outside of the gym. We've also begun to uncover the untold stories of gymnastics greats in our "Legends" series. These documentaries cover the gymnast's career as well as their current life and their perspective now looking back on their accomplishments.

Below is an extensive list of our original documentaries, listed with most recent at the top. Join PRO for access to all past and future documentaries plus training and technique videos and live event streams.

The Double Downies

The Trailer

Full Video

Riley McCusker: Beyond the Routine

The Trailer

Full Video

Alabama Gymnastics: Beyond the Routine

The Trailer

Full Video

Maile O'Keefe: Beyond the Routine

The Trailer

Full Video

Bonus Episode

Trinity Thomas: Beyond the Routine

The Trailer

Episode 1

Episode 2

Texas Dreams II: Beyond the Routine

The Trailer

Episode 1: Bailie Key

Episode 2: Ragan Smith

Episode 3: Emma Malabuyo & The Next Generation

Emily Gaskins: Beyond the Routine

The Trailer

Episode 1

Episode 2

Legends: Shawn Johnson

The Trailer

Full Video

Simone Biles: Golden Girl

The Trailer

Episode 1: The Unlikely World Champion

Episode 2: The Three-Peat

Bonus Episode


Sydney Johnson-Scharpf: Beyond the Routine

The Trailer

Episode 1: Sydney The Fighter

Episode 2: Sydney Sets Sights on Rio

Canada Rising: Beyond the Routine

The Trailer

Episode 1: Ellie Black, Canada's Courageous Leader

Episode 2: Building Team Canada

Bonus Episode

Legends: Kerri Strug

The Trailer

Shining Star

Bonus Episode

Gabby Douglas and Buckeye: Beyond the Routine

The Trailer

Episode 1: Nia Dennis

Episode 2: Gabby Douglas

Legends: Mary Lou Retton and McKenna Kelley

The Trailer

Full Doc: McKenna and Mary Lou

Legends: Dominique Moceanu

The Trailer

Episode 1: Making History

Episode 2: Life After Competition

All Access: Jesolo

The Trailer

Episode 1: Welcome to Italy

Episode 2: USA Juniors Sweep Jesolo

Episode 3: Seniors Team/AA Finals 

WOGA: Beyond the Routine

The Trailer

Episode 1: Growing Up WOGA

Episode 2: The Path to Worlds

Episode 3: Becoming World Champions

Oklahoma: Beyond the Routine

The Trailer

Episode 1: They've Earned a Reputation

Episode 2: The Future of OU

Chow II: Beyond the Routine

The Trailer

Episode 1: Norah Flatley

Episode 2: Rachel Gowey

Episode 3: Alexis and Victoria 

The Rise of MG Elite: Beyond the Routine

The Trailer

Episode 1: Jazmyn Foberg- Newest National Champion

Episode 2: Laurie Hernandez- The Journey Back

Episode 3: The Elites 

Sam Mikulak: Beyond the Routine

The Trailer

Episode 1: Balanced, Brave, Brilliant

Episode 2: The Back to Back Champion 

MyKayla Skinner: Beyond the Routine

The Trailer

Episode 1: Team USA's Daredevil

Episode 2: I Can Still Be at the Top

Texas Dreams: Beyond the Routine

The Trailer

Episode 1: Building the #1 U.S. Elite Club from Scratch

Episode 2: Bailie Key - The Leader of the Dream Team

Episode 3: Peyton Ernst - Breaking Through

Episode 4: Ragan Smith and Nica Hults - Young & Famous

Bonus Episode 

Mary Lee Tracy and CGA Series 2: Beyond the Routine

The Trailer

Episode 1: Lexie Priessman's Long Road Back

Episode 2: Amelia Hundley - Mary Lee Tracy's Next World Star

Episode 3: Emily Gaskins

Simone Biles: Lonely at the Top

The Trailer

Episode 1: Leaving Bannon's Behind

Episode 2: Ready for Rio

World Premiere: Simone's New Floor Routine

LSU: Beyond the Routine

The Trailer

Episode 1: Behind the Scenes Before Nationals

Episode 2: From Locker Rooms to Lineups with Lloimincia Hall 

Chellsie Memmel: Beyond the Routine

The Trailer

Episode 1: The Dark Road to a World Title

Episode 2: Karolyi Kills Comeback

Bridget Sloan & the Florida Gators: Beyond the Routine

The Trailer

Episode 1: Bridget Sloan's Untold Story

Episode 2: How Florida Did the Unthinkable

Episode 3: Scooters, Sparkles, and Sloan 

Laurie Hernandez: Beyond the Routine

The Trailer

Episode 1: Something Special

Episode 2: Sassy & Sweet

Bonus Episode 

Kyla Ross: Beyond the Routine

The Trailer

Episode 1: Seeking Perfection at Worlds

Episode 2: Her Life Story

Episode 3: Making the Team

Episode 4: World Championships Workout

Chow's Gymnastics: Beyond the Routine

The Trailer

Episode 1: Far From Home

Episode 2: The Man Behind Shawn & Gabby

Episode 3: Chow & Gabby's Journey to Olympic Gold 

Simone Biles: Beyond the Routine

The Trailer

Episode 1: Simone Biles Attempts the Yurchenko Triple

Episode 2: Inside the Life of an Elite Gymnast

Bonus Episode: At Home with World Champion

The UCLA Bruins and Miss Val: Beyond the Routine

The Trailer

Episode 1: Navigating Chaos

Episode 2: Iron Sharpens Iron

Bonus: How Valorie Kondos Field Creates her Choreography

Mary Lee Tracy and CGA: Beyond the Routine

The Trailer

Episode 1: No Wobble, No Break

Episode 2: Emotional Toughness

Episode 3: Loving Discipline

Bonus: At Home with Lexie and Amelia

Bonus: Mary Lee Tracy on her First World Champion

Bonus: Mary Lee Tracy on Coaching her First Elites and Dealing with Politics

Updated June 21, 2017


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Irina Alexeeva - Bars, Woga - USA - 2018 International Gymnix

For the past few quadrenniums, the U.S. women's gymnastics program has not only risen to the top but dominated and maintained its golden status. However, at the 2018 World Championships, Team USA isn't the only country expected to contend for a team medal.

Yul Moldauer Calls 2018 World Championships 'Biggest' Event Of His Life

NORMAN, Oklahoma — Yul Moldauer has been part of some big events. He enters his senior year at Oklahoma with seven individual NCAA titles, which is tied for most in college gymnastics history, and three national championships. He has also medaled at the USA Championships and the World Championships.

Brenna Dowell, Oklahoma Aim To Bounce Back After 'Shocking' UCLA Defeat

The end seemed inevitable. 

When the University of Oklahoma women’s gymnastics team entered the 2018 NCAA Super Six, they were the odds-on favorite to win their fourth national championship since 2014 and third in a row.

USA Gymnastics Names Biles, Hurd & 4 More To 2018 World Championships Team

Interview: Riley McCusker - Day 2, 2018 US Championships

The 2018 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships are less than two weeks away from starting in Doha, Qatar, and USA Gymnastics has just announced the six gymnasts who will be representing the red, white, and blue in the year's biggest international competition. A seventh alternate gymnast will be named in Qatar.

Simone Biles Spearheads The Women's Worlds Event Finals Contenders

Although Doha 2018 marks the first world championships of the quad with a team competition, this year's event finals will still be one to watch, especially with the return of reigning Olympic all-around, vault, and floor champion Simone Biles.

Roster: U.S. Women's 2018 World Team Selection Camp

Following the 2018 World Championships nominative roster release by the International Gymnastics Federation, USA Gymnastics posted the gymnasts who will attend the 2018 U.S. Women’s World Team Selection Camp.

USA's Nominative Team For The 2018 World Championships

The nominative registrations are in for the 2018 World Championships, and the USA's team consists of Simone Biles, Morgan Hurd, Riley McCusker, Grace McCallum, and Kara Eaker, with Shilese Jones as the alternate.

Great Britain Names 2018 World Championships Team

Press release via British Gymnastics:

Ellie Downie, Becky Downie, Kelly Simm, Georgia-Mae Fenton and Alice Kinsella will be the Great Britain women’s team for the forthcoming artistic gymnastics World Championships.

Corinne Bunagan To Represent Philippines At Worlds

Interview: Philippine Senior Elite Corinne Bunagan, ENA Gymnastics

For the first time in three years, the Philippines will be represented in the biggest gymnastics competition of the year. New Jersey native Corinne Bunagan of ENA Paramus will compete at the 2018 World Championships in Doha next month. She received the opportunity after proving herself to be a reliable competitor at the 2018 Asian Games.

U.S. Men's Team Announced For 2018 World Gymnastics Championships

USA Gymnastics has announced the men's team for the 2018 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships. Sam Mikulak, Akash Modi, Yul Moldauer, Colin Van Wicklen, and Alec Yoder make up the five person team with Allan Bower as the traveling alternate.