picture of Shawn Johnson

Gabby Douglas and Shawn Johnson: A Tale of Two Champions

Jan 23, 2013

2012 Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas and 2008 Gold Medalist Shawn Johnson have had similar experiences on the Road to Gold: from the big personalities and love of performing that have drawn fans from around the world.. to the world-class training they both received in Iowa from their beloved coach Liang Chow. Shawn and Gabby became training partners at Chow's Gym in 2011, but when Shawn's injury from a skiiing accident sidelined her for good, she went from training partner, to Gabby's mentor. Shawn helped cheer Gabby on to Gold at the 2012 Games in London; now she's planning for a new kind of future, as Gabby ponders another bid for Gold in Rio 2016. video by: Team USA