These NCAA Teams Had The Best Showing At 2019 JO Nationals

This past weekend was Junior Olympic Nationals, and many of the competitors have already committed to NCAA teams, some being 2019 graduates and others not finishing high school until 2022. Although this competition had no true impact on NCAA standings, we ranked the top NCAA teams based on their incoming gymnasts’ performances, just for fun!

To be included in the list, a team needed five or more committed gymnasts competing all four events at JO Nationals. The teams are ranked mainly by the average score of the competitors, but also the number of competitors and their places. If a gymnast competed at nationals but did not score on all four events, they are included in the list but were not factored into their team’s average all-around score. 

Note: We did our best to track down all the verbally committed gymnasts competing at nationals, but we may have missed a few simply because not all are publicly documented online. View our MASTER LIST of college committed JO competitors here.

1. LSU

LSU had the best team average score by far, with an average all-around of 38.790, almost a full point ahead of the other teams. The Tigers had five gymnasts competing, and all five scored higher than 38.000, with two gymnasts scoring over 39.000. 

LSU also had lots of all-around winners, with one gymnast coming in first, three in second place, and one in third place. After coming in second at NCAAs this year, this team will be reloading with many strong recruits coming its way in the next few years.

NameStateHome GymRegionDivisionGrad YearAA ScoreAA Place
Tori TatumMinn.Twin City Twisters4Jr E202138.52
Haleigh BryantN.C.Everest Gymnastics8Sr C202039.052
Kiya JohnsonTexasTexas Dreams Gymnastics3Sr C201939.2751
Elena ArenasGa.Georgia Elite Gymnastics8Sr D202038.2258
Kai RiversMich.Twistars USA Inc.5Sr F201938.92

2. North Carolina

With an average all-around score of 37.896, North Carolina came in second place. The Tar Heels had six gymnasts competing, half of which scored higher than 38.000. They had two gymnasts place in the top five all-around in their age divisions, and four in the top 10.

NameStateHome GymRegionDivisionGrad YearAA ScoreAA Place
Gwendolyn FinkS.C.Southeastern Gymnastics Center8Jr E202237.32522
Lali DekanoidzeN.C.Southeastern Gymnastics Center8Jr E202138.0257T
Kate GreeneN.C.Bull City Gymnastics8Jr F
Hannah NamOhioCincinnati Gymnastics5Sr B202037.2518T
Elizabeth CultonN.C.Bull City Gymnastics8Sr F201938.44T
Hallie ThompsonN.C.Southeastern Gymnastics Center8Sr F201938.44T

3. Oregon State

With seven recruits competing in the all-around, Oregon State’s team average came out to a 37.814. Three gymnasts scored over a 38.000 and three placed in the top 10 in the all-around competition. 

NameStateHome GymRegionDivisionGrad YearAA ScoreAA Place
Ellison WeaverWash.Naydenov Gymnastics Inc.2Jr. C202237.121
Anna YeatesCalif.Byers Gymnastics Center1Sr B202037.416
Naomi MorrisonAriz.Arizona Dynamics Gymnastics1Sr C202038.6755
Sydney GonzalesCalif.Wildfire Gymnastics1Sr C202038.0759T
Jane PoniewazNev.Gymcats Gymnastics1Sr F201938.1757T
Jenna DomingoHawaiiHawaiian Island Twisters Inc.2Sr F201937.615
Kayla BirdAriz.Arizona Dynamics Gymnastics1Sr F201937.67512

4. Penn State

Penn State scored a team average of 37.75 with six gymnasts competing, half of whom scored over a 38.000 . As far as all-around titles go, one of the future Nittany Lions won second place, and three placed in the top 10.

NameStateHome GymRegionDivisionGrad YearAA ScoreAA Place
Ava PiedrahitaMd.Hill's Gymnastics7Jr D202237.958
Jessica JohansonConn.Gymnastics Express Too6Jr E202136.67540T
Bella SalcedoTexasTexas Dreams Gymnastics3Jr F202138.058
Maddie JohnstonMd.Hill's Gymnastics7Sr B202038.32
Cassidy RushlowMass.Daggett Gymnastics6Sr D201937.47521
Natalie CrossMd.Hill's Gymnastics7Sr D202038.0511T

5. Ohio State

Ohio State had many commits at J.O. Nationals this year, with nine gymnasts total competing. These future Buckeyes had an average score of 37.658. Two gymnasts placed in the top five and four in the top 10. 

NameStateHome GymRegionDivisionGrad YearAA ScoreAA Place
Emma WehryPa.Stallone Gymnastics7Jr C202237.47512T
Makenna SmithN.M.Gold Cup Gymnastics3Jr D202237.810
Hannah OliverosIll.IGI Gymnastics5Sr A202037.7755
Jenna HlavachMd.Rebounders Gymnastics Inc.7Sr A202137.4512T
Kaitlyn GrimesIll.BIG Gymnastics Inc.5Sr A202137.52510
Nicole RiccardiN.Y.Infiniti Elite Gymnastics6Sr B202037.9254
Alexis HankinsNeb.Premier Gymnastics4Sr E201937.72523
Ella HodgesMass.Brestyan's American Gymnastics6Sr E201937.7521T
Zoe SchweitzerPa.X-Cel Gymnastics7Sr E201937.527

6. Oklahoma

Oklahoma had many recruits at J.O. Nationals, as well, with nine gymnasts rotating. The OU contingent averaged a 37.62, and four scored higher than a 38.000. They had a variety of places in the all-around competition, with a gymnast taking first, second, third, fourth, and ninth place.

NameStateHome GymRegionDivisionGrad YearAA ScoreAA Place
Danae FletcherN.J.MG Elite7Jr E202138.254
Madison SnookIll.Legacy Elite Gymnastics5Jr E202136.32547
Faith TorrezWis.Legacy Elite Gymnastics5Jr. D202238.7251
Moorea LinkerFla.La Fleur's8Sr A202137.8752
Julianne FehringFla.La Fleur's8Sr B202038.2253
Bell JohnsonOkla.Bart Conner Gymnastics Academy3Sr C202037.72515
Amoree LockhartTexasEmpire Gymnastics Academy3Sr D202038.1259
Katherine LeVasseurTexasMavericks Gymnastics3Sr D202037.67516
Brooke WeinsColo.5280 Gymnastics3Sr F201935.6551

7. Denver

Denver had six gymnasts compete at nationals, averaging a 37.617. Half of the DU recruits scored over a 38.000, and three placed sixth or better in the all-around competition.

NameStateHome GymRegionDivisionGrad YearAA ScoreAA Place
Kiley RorichN.C.Southeastern Gymnastics Center8Jr B202236.931
Ava MabantaTexasDenton Gymnastics Academy3Jr C202236.77530
Rose CasaliN.C.Southeastern Gymnastics Center8Jr E202038.16
Mia HebinckColo.Colorado Aerials Gymnastics Center3Sr A202136.8518
Rylie MundellColo.Colorado Gymnastics Institute3Sr D202038.6754
AK SubjectMinn.Twin City Twisters4Sr F201938.44T

8. Missouri

Although only one of Mizzou’s six competitors scored higher than a 38.000, future Missouri gymnasts managed to average a 37.613. Missouri had a few individuals place in the all-around, with one tied for second place, one tied for sixth, and one tied for 12th. 

NameStateHome GymRegionDivisionGrad YearAA ScoreAA Place
Amaya MarshallN.C.Southeastern Gymnastics Center8Sr A202037.4512T
Kyra BurnsMo.Xtreme Gymnastics and Trampoline4Sr B202037.856T
Kambrie BrandtTexasMavericks Gymnastics3Sr D202037.915
Sienna SchreiberGa.Infinity Gymnastics Center8Sr D201937.2526T
Helen HuIll.IK Gymnastics5Sr E201938.7252T
Grace KaidingMich.Stars and Stripes Gymnastics5Sr F201936.541

9. Arizona

Arizona had five recruits competing, and one scored over a 38.000, making their average score a 37.59. The Wildcats also had a lot of verbally committed gymnasts place in the all-around, with one in the top 10 and two in the top 15.

NameStateHome GymRegionDivisionGrad YearAA ScoreAA Place
Alysen FearsCalif.SCEGA Gymnastics1Jr F202137.5521T
Caroline HerryTexasTexas Dreams Gymnastics3Sr B202037.1524
Elena DeetsMinn.Twin City Twisters4Sr D202038.257
Malia HargroveNev.Flips USA Gymnastics1Sr D201937.92514
Avery StauffacherAriz.Gold Medal Gymnastics1Sr F201937.07528T

10. Minnesota

Altogether, Minnesota gymnasts averaged a 37.58. The Gophers had seven gymnasts competing, but only five counted towards the team average, as the others did not compete all four events. Of those who competed, one gymnast scored higher than 38.000 and one landed in the top 10 for all-around placement. 

NameStateHome GymRegionDivisionGrad YearAA ScoreAA Place
Jordyn LydenMinn.Flips Gymnastics4Jr B202337.322T
Marissa JencksS.D.All American Gymnastics Academy4Jr E202137.67515T
Mya HootenMinn.Classic Gymnastics4Sr B202037.221T
Abby MuellerMinn.Classic Gymnastics4Sr C202038.47
Mallory LeNeaveMo.Xtreme Gymnastics and Trampoline4Sr E2019

Maya AlbertinTexasStars Gymnastics Training Center-Houston3Sr E2019

Halle RemlingerMinn.KidSport4Sr F201937.32522

Honorable Mention

Arizona State - 37.558

Auburn - 37.485 (10 recruits competing)

Michigan State - 37.468

Western Michigan - 37.45

Alabama - 37.38

New Hampshire - 37.31

Georgia - 37.303

Pittsburgh - 37.29

Nebraska - 37.168

Rutgers - 37.06

Editor's note: This article original had Chloe Widner incorrectly listed as an Arizona recruit and therefore Arizona ranked No. 3. With her removal from Arizona's list of committed competitors, the Wildcats fell to No. 9 on this list.

View our master list of college-committed 2019 J.O. Nationals competitors here.

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