Junior And Senior Event Finals: RESULS & RECAP

Today, the qualifying juniors and seniors competed in event finals at the 2018 City of Jesolo Trophy. Below is a recap of every routine along with final results. 



1. Liu Jinru (CHN) 14.283
2. Angelina Melnikova (RUS) 14.267
3. Eleonora Afanasieva (RUS) 14.216
4. Denisa Golgota (ROU) 14.067
5. Grace McCallum (USA) 14.017
6. Desiree Carofiglio (ITA) 13.950
7. Sara Ricciardi (ITA) 13.067


Ricciardi: 1st vault - Y-Full clean, great form and solid landing. 2nd vault - front handspring front tuck with a small hop forward.
Afanasieva: 1st vault - Big block for Y-Double. A small step back but great form in the air (14.633). 2nd vault - Y-½ on, layout-½ off. A small step back.
Jinru: 1st vault - Rudi with low landing (14.333). 2nd vault - front Rudi.
Carofiglio 1st vault - Y-1.5 good height off the table, little leg separation in the block. Great landing with chest up and stuck. 2nd vault - super clean front handspring front pike.
McCallum STICKS a Y-Double that’s so clean and straight in the air and landing. 2nd vault - Y-½ on, tuck ½ off. Probably not what she was going for.
Golgata: 1st vault - very clean Y-Double with 2 small hops back. 2nd vault - Tsuk full, good landing.
Melnikova does a big Y-Double with some leg separation but good landing and straight body. 2nd vault - nice Y-½ on, layout-½ off. Lands straight-leg, chest down.


1. Celia Serber (FRA) 14.2
2. Asia D'Amato (ITA) 14.133
3. Vladislava Urazova (RUS) 14.017
4. Giorgia Villa (ITA) 14.0
5. Tori Tatum (USA) 13.883
6. Luiza Helena Silva (BRA) 13.334
7. Mia St. Pierre (CAN) 13.25
8. Phoebe Jakubczyk (GBR) 12.883


Silva: 1st vault - nice Y-Full. 2nd vault - Y-Layout.
Jakubczyk 1st vault - really nice Y-Full with a good landing. 2nd vault - Y-Layout.
St. Pierre opened with a great Y-Full. She flaired the landing and took a small step. 2nd vault - front handspring front pike.
Tori Tatum had a great Y-1.5 with a big block off the table and a controlled landing. 2nd vault - big Y-Full with some steps. Definitely the nicest we saw from the juniors so far.
Urisova brings some competition with a big, stuck Y-1.5 and a lovely Y-Full.
Villa does the first Y-double in the junior finals. Great block, little pike-down but just a small step back. That was big. 2nd vault - huge Y-full but a big hop back.
Serber: 1st vault - Y-double that’s closer to the table than Villa and piked down, but the D-score helps there. 2nd vault - stellar Y-1.5 that she sticks.
D’Amato does a HUGE Y-double with the biggest distance we’ve seen from the juniors. Awesome form and nearly perfect landing. Wow. 2nd vault - Y-½ on front layout-½ off. This girl.



1. Anastasiia Iliankova (RUS) 14.6
2. Ragan Smith (USA) 14.577
3. Angelina Melinkova (RUS) 14.333
4. Alyona Shchennikova (USA) 14.167
5. Lorette Charpy (FRA) 13.6
6. Jade Barbosa (BRA) 13.533
7. Giada Grisetti (ITA) 13.5
8. Guo Fangting(CHN) 12.733


Fangting had a clean routine with pristine execution - as always - and a nice double-full dismount.
Melnikova hits a bar routine with great handstand work, toes glued together in the Pak and Maloney-½, textbook inbar-½ to a big piked Jaeger. Toe-full to a stuck full-in. That's Russian bars right there.
Barbosa flew through her bar routine, hitting all her releases and connections. Nice opening stalder Tkatchev to Pak (leg separation on Pak catch). She missed the high bar handstand before toe-full and had some knee form at the bottoms of her giant taps, but a solid routine with a strong double-lay.
Charpy hit her routine with a nice piked Jaeger and a Tkatchev soon after. Good difficulty and clean execution.
Smith’s releases are really fantastic, catching fully stretched-out and turned over. Hits an awesome bar routine with a stuck full-in dismount.
Shchennikova hit all her connections, just toe-point issues here and there, but her new dismount was the best we’ve seen it.
Iliankova starts with her huge piked Ray, love the Ezhova (reverse grip swing back to low bar, let go, 1/2 turn and catch low bar in regular grip). And a great full-out.
Grisetti starts with a nice inbar stalder-full and almost goes over in the handstand but stays straight and saves the connection to a Shaposh. Super-open piked Jaeger. Gets a little noodle-ish in the toe-full on low bar. Catches stalder-hect to high bar in a dead hang. Sticks a double-front. Really nice routine, but she'll get docked for the rhythm breaks.


1. Kseniia Klimenko (RUS) 14.267
2. Carolann Heduit (FRA) 14.2
3. Elisa Iorio (ITA) 14.167
4. Giorgia Villa (ITA) 13.8
5. Yin Sisi (CHN) 13.7
6. Daria Belousova (RUS) 13.633
7. Claire Pontlevoy (FRA) 13.3
8. Tori Tatum (USA) 13.233


Tatum hit a clean routine with good rhythm, solid execution in her transitions and releases. Solid double layout dismount.
Yin has lovely pirouettes. She mounts with a Healy to L-grip giant to another Healy right to a piked Jaeger. Tkatchev to Pak, then has some form issues on low bar - rushed half-turn into bent-arm toe to handstand. Ends with an absolutely perfect stuck full-in.
Iorio does a fantastic bar set, mounting with a big Ricna (stalder Tkatchev) to Pak, nice Ezhova, L-grip stalder on high bar, stuck double-front.
Pontelevoy - nice piked inbar stalder-full, big piked Jaeger, stalder blind-½ with leg separation into double-front with chest down in landing.
Kilmenko has a crazy good routine here. A HUGE piked Jaeger to Pak, really stretching for the catch, great Geinger between the bars. Awesome double-front ½-out dism. That form was impeccable.
Villa - big Ricna to Pak to Maloney. Little leg form in the Ezhova. Misses her last pirouette going from reverse grip to regular, but she covers it with a toe-½. Finishes with a great full-in.
Belosova has a nice swing but some form and handstand problems, nice piked Jaeger and a great tucked full-in with a small step in landing.
Heduit has some foot separation and flexing in the toe-full, a few short handstands, but an otherwise really nice routine with difficulty and a solid double-front that's stuck.



1. Emma Malabuyo (USA) 14.3
2. Ragan Smith (USA) 14.2
3. Angelina Melnikova (RUS) 13.167
4. Jade Barbosa (BRA) 12.867
5. Martina Basile (ITA) 12.567
6. Nica Ivanus (ROU) 11.5
7. Lara Mori (ITA) 11.3
8. Anatastiia Iliankova (RUS) 11.1


Basile nice bhs-layout, some form and bobbles, big ro-double pike with steps back.
Melnikova looked solid from the start with a really pretty switch-ring, bobbled on the full turn, missed connection for front aerial to ring jump, nice bhs-loso with a step back. She took care of that piked full-in today. Much better.
Ivanus starts with switch-leap mount to front aerial, sticks her bhs step-out to back-pike, great combos, no wobbles until she slipped a foot and fell in her leap. The rest of the routine was great - really unfortunate that she missed.
Mori - falls on bhs-loso-loso, which was looking great until the fall. The rest of the routine had balance checks and looked shaky. Almost missed her side aerial. She ends with a stellar ro-triple-full!
Barbosa does a nice set. Her ro-layout was huge and stuck, waist bobble on side aerial. Big front tuck. Great ro-bhs-double-pike.
Iliankova jumped backward off the beam in her punch-front and sat down onto the beam in her flight. Bummer for Iliankova who had potential to rock this event.
Smith - Perfection in her flight, little balance check in standing full, stuck punch-front to jump combo. This routine is on-point so far. Great bhs-bhs-double-pike with a small hop back. Can you say medal contention?
Malabuyo’s bhs-loso-loso was even cleaner than yesterday. She doesn't connect the punch-front to bhs swing-down, small bobble on standing Arabian. Great straddle-½, gorgeous ring jump and switch-ring with full head release. Bhs-bhs-double-pike lands solid.


1. Vladislava Urazova (RUS) 13.967
2. Iulia Berar (ROU) 13.133
3. Elisa Iorio (ITA) 12.667
4. Celia Serber (FRA) 12.633
5. Alessia Federici (ITA) 12.3
6. Elena Gerasimova (RUS) 12.033
7. Wei Xiaoyuan (CHN) 10.677
8. Phoebe Jakubczyk (GBR) 9.833


Jakubczyk starts with nice wolf turn, side aerial with wobble, fall on leap. Solid bhs-loso, fall on front tuck, fall on dismount.
Wei mounts with nice ro-bhs, Flight bhs-loso lands on beam sitting down, nice front aerial to jumps to bhs swing-down. Clean side somi, and really pretty switch leap to ring leap. Falls on a great switch-ring. Ro-double-full dism with big step forward.
Berar does the back-dive mount, clean bhs-loso, balance check in switch-½, nice connections. Pretty ro-double-full dismount with a small hop back.
Serber starts with a unique windmill mount, clean side somi, waist bobble on turning split jump. Bhs-back pike with balance check. Good switch-leap to switch-½. Solid routine with some leg form.
Federici mounts front walkover, really nice front handspring step-out to front tuck. Clean front aerial to split to straddle, pretty ring jump, fall on double turn. Bobble on the split leap to side aerial. Bhs step-out to bhs double-full.
Iorio also mounts front walkover with bobble. Nice switch leap to sissone, solid bhs-loso series. Big waist bobble on double turn. Gorgeous 1.5 leg-hold turn. Great ro-double-pike dismount.
Gerasimova does a press handstand mount. Pretty switch leap to sheep jump to bhs. Fall on side aerial-loso flight. Front handspring step-out to front tuck bobble. Big bobble on front aerial to split to Onodi. Sticks ro-2.5 twist dismount.
Urazova looking to top yesterday’s routine. Mounts ro-loso. Awesome triple wolf turn. Perfect bhs step-out to bhs to layout. Small bobble on front aerial. Gorgeous Onodi to sheep jump. Double wolf turn. Dismounts ro-bhs 2.5 twist with small hop forward. SUCH. A nice routine.



1. Emma Malabuyo (USA) 14.167
2. Flavia Saraiva (BRA) 13.9
3. Desiree Carofiglio (ITA) 13.433
4. Grace McCallum (USA) 13.433
5. Angelina Melnikova (RUS) 13.133
6. Carolyne Pedro (BRA) 12.9
7. Nica Ivanus (ROU) 12.433
8. Guo Fangting (CHN) 11.733


Ivanus mounts with nice tucked full-in, clean double-pike, front tuck step-out through to double-full, nice leaps, kind of rolls out of her wolf turn, ends double-tuck.
Fangting opens with pretty back-2.5 to front-pike, nice big double-tuck but bounces back and puts her hand down. Knees buckle on triple-full.
Pedro - Back 1.5 step-out through to double-tuck, back-2.5 punch front with step, finishes with nice double-pike that's high and lands clean.
Carofiglio - HUGE front layout to punch double-front tuck! Great landing. The second pass is a punch front double-pike which is equally as awesome - just a small hop forward. Some feet issues in leaps, but love her facial expressions and drama in choreo. Back 1.5 punch-front (her feet kind of slip forward out of the twist, but she gets through it). Great routine.
Melnikova rocket-launches into her full-twisting double-lay, huge double-lay with a step back, front tuck through to double-tuck with good landing. Finishes with a double-pike and falls back! (No Melnikova, why?!) Tears for Melnikova.
McCallum opens with a great tucked full-in with big steps back, the front layout to front double-full to punch front tuck is clean. She comes short on the double wolf-turn. Amazing form on triple-full but lands with feet apart slightly, last double tuck has a small hop back. Really nice routine.
Saraiva KILLS the double layout with a solid landing. That thing just floated. Front-tuck step-out through to double-tuck, great switch-ring. Back-1.5 to front-full (great form and landing), good leap and turn control. Big finish with double-pike. Also, this new music is fun.
Malabuyo’s double-double lands a little short but stays up. Perfection in the double-lay and sticks it. Great leap amplitude and 180°. Front handspring front double-full takes a big step forward. Finishes with a fantastic full-in.


1. Vladislava Urazova (RUS) 13.867
2. Yin Sisi (CHN) 13.7
3. Celia Serber (FRA) 13.233
4. Elisa Iorio (ITA) 13.0
5. Mathilde Wahl (FRA) 12.833
6. Tori Tatum (USA) 12.333
7. Giorgia Villa (ITA) 12.167
8. Phoebe Jakubczyk (GBR) 12.1


Jakubczyk opens with a big tucked full-in with a bounce on landing. Nice switch leap to switch-full. Whip double-tuck OOB on foot. Nice back-1.5 punch front layout. Good performance quality.
Urazova has SUCH a nice floor routine with great execution. She has a solid triple-full in the beginning and three other solid tumbles (double-tuck OOB one foot, gorgeous front double-full, back 2.5 twist goes OOB)
Wahl had a cool routine with interesting choreography and dramatic eye-contact which we're loving! Opens with a perfectly executed whip-double tuck that's stuck. Ahh, the expression in this routine. Very pretty double-pike with a small hop back. Leaps are all 180° but with flexed feet and knee form. Front handspring front-full with knee-bend. She does this funky marionette-doll dance toward the end that's fun and different. Ends with nice double-full.
Villa opened with a nice full-in, but came up short on her front-full and sat it down. Villa has a lot of potential and is fun to watch.
Iorio bounced forward out of her tucked full-in, was slightly short on the front double-full, which bounced back. Triple twist that got all the way around but landed just a bit low, finished with a solid double-pike.
Serber came off yesterday’s second-place finish with a difficult turn series, a great tucked full-in, clean back 2.5 to punch-front, a nice double-pike, ends with a double twist.
Sisi had four very clean tumbles. Not a ton of difficulty, but when your execution is perfect you get away with it.
Tatum looked great up until her double-tuck when her knees buckled and touched the floor. Full-in was great with a minuscule hop in place, clean back-2.5 to a bouncy punch-pike, good leaps but some slight leg form and they could be in more of a split. Front handspring double-full punch-front tuck, ends with that dang double tuck.  She's got potential for sure. 

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