2018 City of Jesolo Trophy

First Looks At Jesolo 2018 - Training Day 1

First Looks At Jesolo 2018 - Training Day 1

An exclusive peek into the first day of training at the 2018 City of Jesolo Trophy. Team Canada, Brazil, and the U.S. individuals are warming up!

Apr 11, 2018 by Sarah Lorish
First Looks At Jesolo 2018 - Training Day 1

Team Canada, Brazil, and the individuals from the U.S. are finishing up their training at the City of Jesolo Trophy 2018, and we're posting the videos from all four events. We will continue to post training videos today and throughout the week and will be streaming the competition LIVE this Saturday and Sunday, April 14-15. Check out all of the training videos from today below.

USA Training


Grace McCallum - Yurckenko Double Full

Ragan Smith - Yurchenko Warmup

Emma Malabuyo - Yurchenko Full

Sydney Barros - Yurchenko Full

Tori Tatum - Yurchenko Full

Olivia Dunne - Yurckenko Full


Alyona Schennikova - Second half routine showing NEW dismount!

Alyona Schennikova - Second half routine connected

Alyona Schennikova - Routine with timer dismount

Olivia Dunne - Stalder to Shaposh, Pak, Maloney 

Adeline Kenlin - Stuck Dismount!

Adeline Kenlin - Maloney 1/2 sequence to dismount

Tori Tatum - Piked Jaeger to Dismount

Sydney Barros - First half routine

Sydney Barros - Jaeger sequence to full-twisting double lay dismount

Ragan Smith - 2nd half (stalder Tkatchev to Pak; dismount)

Grace McCallum -Sequence (Maloney 1/2 To Stuck Dismount)

Grace McCallum - Opening Sequence (Weiler 1/2 to stalder Shaposh to Tkatchev; Pak)

Emma Malabuyo - Opening Sequence (piked stalder full to Komova II to Pak)


Olivia Dunne - Routine with timer dismount

Adeline Kenlin - Full Routine

Alyona Schennikova - Partial beam set (flight series, front aerial to split to handspring, Onodi, leap series, side somi, timer dism)

Emma Malabuyo - Skills (flight series, standing Arabian)


Adeline Kenlin - Dance Through

Alyona Schennikova - Dance through

Olivia Dunne - Dance through


Full Team Warmup


Jade Barbosa - Stalder Tkatchev to Pak; Dismount

Carolyne Pedro - Shaposh to Pak; Maloney to bail; Jaeger

Luiza Dominguez - Routine


Carolyne Pedro - Routine with timer dismount

Jade Barbosa - Routine with timer dismount

Flavia Saraiva - Routine with timer dismount

Bezerra Christal - 2nd Half Routine with Timer Dismount

Silva Luiza Helena - 2nd Half Routine with Timer Dismount

Silva Luiza Helena - Flight (Hand, hand, layout)


Flavia Saraiva - Front 1.5 to front full, whip double tuck

Flavia Saraiva - Dance Through

Carolyne Pedro - Dance Through

Luiza Domingues - Dance Through



Jenna Sartoretto - Bar set

Quinn Skrupa - Partial set with stalder to Tkatchev

Mia St. Pierre - Big Ray release

Lucia Jakab - Double front dismount

Laurie-Lou Veniza - Bar set with timer dismount


Laurie-Lou Veniza - Dance and single skills, timer series


Laurie-Lou Veniza - Dance Through