2017 City of Jesolo Trophy

First Look at Jesolo - Training Day 1

First Look at Jesolo - Training Day 1

Team USA, Team Canada and Team Belgium had a successful day of training at the City of Jesolo Trophy 2017 and we've got exclusive videos of all four events.

Mar 29, 2017 by Justine Kelly
First Look at Jesolo - Training Day 1
Team USA, Team Canada and Team Belgium had a successful day of training at the City of Jesolo Trophy 2017 and we've got exclusive videos of all four events. We will continue to post training videos throughout the week and will be streaming the competition LIVE this Saturday and Sunday, April 1-2. Check out all of the training videos from today below.

USA Practice 1

Full Warm-Up


Abby Paulson - Yurchenko Full
Adeline Kenlin - Yurchenko Double Full
Trinity Thomas - NEW Tsuk Vault
Alyona Shchennikova - Yurchenko Double Full
Victoria Nguyen - Yurchenko Double Full
Morgan Hurd - Yurchenko Double Full
Riley McCusker - Yurchenko Double Full

Emma Malabuyo
- Yurchenko Double Full

Olivia Dunne - Yurchenko Full
Maile O'Keefe- Yurchenko Double Full
Adeline Kenlin - Yurchenko Double Full


Alyona Shchennikova - Full bar routine
Morgan Hurd - Full bar routine
Trinity Thomas - NEW bar routine
Ashton Locklear - Full bar routine
Victoria Nguyen - Hits Laid-out Jaeger in Full bar routine
Riley McCusker - Nails multiple release moves in Full bar routine
Abby Paulson - NEW Chow II release - Full bar routine

Emma Malabuyo
- Full bar routine

Maile O'Keefe - Full bar routine
Adeline Kenlin - Full bar routine
Gabby Perea - Full bar routine


Abby Paulson - Hits unique acro series - Full beam routine
Victoria Nguyen - Switch leap to Onodi combo - Full beam routine
Trinity Thomas - Full beam routine
Riley McCusker - Sticks Double Tuck Dismount - Full beam routine
Morgan Hurd - Huge Standing Full - Full beam routine
Ashton Locklear - Full beam routine

Maile O'Keefe - Full beam routine
Gabby Perea - Full beam routine
Adeline Kenlin - Full beam routine
Emma Malabuyo - Full beam routine
Olivia Dunne - Full beam routine


1 Minute of Top-Notch Tumbling from USA Seniors
USA Juniors Show Huge Tumbling

Morgan Hurd - Rocks Double Double in Floor Routine
Trinity Thomas - NEW Floor Routine
Alyona Shchennikova - Floor Routine
Victoria Nguyen - Hits Full-in & Triple Full in Floor Routine
Abby Paulson - Floor Routine

Maile O'Keefe
- Floor Routine

Emma Malabuyo - Floor Routine
Gabby Perea - Floor Routine

USA Practice 2

Kicks & Tricks - Team USA's Line Warmup


Alyona Shchennikova - Full Bar Routine
Morgan Hurd - Full Bar Routine
Trinity Thomas - Full Bar Routine
Ashton Locklear - Full Bar Routine
Victoria Nguyen - Full Bar Routine
Abby Paulson
- Full Bar Routine

Adeline Kenlin
- Full Bar Routine

Olivia Dunne - Full Bar Routine
Emma Malabuyo - Full Bar Routine
Maile O'Keefe - Full Bar Routine
Gabby Perea - Full Bar Routine


Abby Paulson - Full Beam Routine
Alyona Shchennikova - Full Beam Routine
Trinity Thomas - Full Beam, No Dismount
Ashton Locklear - Full Beam Routine
Victoria Nguyen - Full Beam Routine
Morgan Hurd - Full Beam Routine

Adeline Kenlin
- Full Beam Routine

Gabby Perea - Full Beam Routine
Olivia Dunne - Full Beam Routine
Maile O'Keefe - No Wobble Full Beam Routine

CANADA Practice

Team Canada Warmup

Shallon Olsen
- Sticks Triple Full on Floor

Brooklyn Moors - Front Handspring Double Front on Floor
Ana Padurariu - Beam Routine
Brooklyn Moors - Bars Training
Zoe Allaire-Bourgie - Beam Training

BELGIUM Practice

Axelle Klinckaert - Marks a Beam Routine
Senna Deriks - Marks a Beam Routine
Nina Derwael - Marks a Beam Routine

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