Grand Prix Osijek 2013

RESULTS: Osijek Finals Day 1

RESULTS: Osijek Finals Day 1

Sep 14, 2013 by Jennifer Teitell
RESULTS: Osijek Finals Day 1

Noel Van Klaveren of the Netherlands wins the Vault Final

Today was the first day of event finals at the 2013 Grand Prix Osijek in Croatia. The Netherlands dominated the vault final taking the top two spots on the podium. Noel Van Klaveren performed a huge double twisting yurchenko and a tsuk one-and-a-half to win gold with a 14.762. Chantysha Netteb performed a solid one-and-a-half twisting yurchenko and tsuk full to earn  the silver with a score of  15.512.  Phan Thi Hathanh of Vietnam took the bronze on vault with a 14.287. Thi Hathanh won the bronze medal on vault at the 2011 World Championships. 

Ekaterina Karmarenko, Krstyna Palesova and Jessica Lopez

Ekaterina Kramarenko
of Russia won the uneven bar final with a score of 14.425. Kramerenko's routine featured a shaposh-half, piked yaeger, pak salto and a tucked full in dismount. Kristyna Palesova of the Czech Republic took second place with a score of 14.050 followed by Jessica Lopez of Venezuela with a score of 13.875. Lopez, a  two-time Olympian,  watered down her routine leaving out her signature tkatchev/gienger combination.

Kenzo Kaneko of Japan

Kenzo Kaneko
of Japan won the floor final with a score of 15.100 followed by Jeffrey Wammes of the Netherlands with a 15.075. Tomislav Markovic and Andrej Koroseljev of Croatia tied for third thrilling the home crowd with their scores of 15.050.

Alberto Busnari, Donny Truyens and Filip Ude 

Alberto Busnari of Italy won the gold on pommel horse with a very impressive score of 16.100. Donny Truyens of Belgium took second place with a 15.700 followed by Filip Ude of Croatia in third with a score of 15.675. 

Eleftherios Petrounias of Greece 

Eleftherios Petrounias of Greece won the gold on rings with a very impressive routine that concluded with a double twisting double layout to score a 15.425.  Samir Ait Said of France won the silver with a 15.125 and his teammate Danny Pinheiro Rodrigues took the bronze with a 15.075.

Click here to watch the GOLD medal routines from day 1 of event finals at the 2013 Osijek Grand Prix. 

The finals will conclude Sunday. All Gymnastike Gold subscribers in the USA will be able to access the live Osijek Grand Prix stream.  To sign up for Gymnastike Gold click here