1. RESULTS: World Championship Event Finals

    RESULTS: World Championship Event Finals

    Oct 5, 2013

  2. 2013 World Championships Still Rings Final

    2013 World Championships Still Rings Final

    Sep 30, 2013

    Welcome to your home for the 2013 World Championships Mens's Ring Final. This page will be updated throughout the week with breaking news and pertinent information specific to men's rings on Saturday, October 5th.
  3. RESULTS: Osijek Finals Day 1

    RESULTS: Osijek Finals Day 1

    Sep 14, 2013

  4. Zanetti Dethrones Chen Yibing; Wins Still Rings Gold

    Zanetti Dethrones Chen Yibing; Wins Still Rings Gold

    Jul 20, 2012

    Men's Still Rings Final  2012 London Olympics When: Monday, Aug. 6 - 9:00 a.m. ET ARTHUR ZANETTI TAKES DOWN REIGNING CHAMP CHEN YIBING! Brazil's Arthur Zanetti upset the still rings master and reigning Olympic champion Chen Yibing to take gold in the still rings final, earning a final score of 15.9 (6.8/9.1). The standard was set early on by Chen, who began the meet by posting a daunting 15.8, capped off by a gorgeous full-twisting double layout dismount (opens out of second flip). With a smile, Chen then sat back to watch the challenge from his fellow competitors. Through six gymnasts, Chen Yibing's total would stand. It was not until the final performer - Arthur Zanetti, silver medalist at last year's World Championships - landed his dismount that a new champion would be crowned. With increased difficulty of 6.8 and crisp strength elements, Zanetti easily came out on top, scoring 15.9 even with a small step on his dismount. Russia's Aleksandr Balandin stuck a piked double front to score 15.666, while veteran Matteo Morandi of Italy showed smooth control of the apparatus. A small hop on his dismount kept Morandi's total at 15.733, just behind Chen Yibing. Both Tommy Ramos (PUR) and Denis Ablyazin would come close to the leaders, but still ended out of the medals in this deep field. Ramos performed a 6.8 D-score routine, landing slightly off balance after his dismount (15.6). Ablyazin threw a rare double-twisting double layout dismount, but a step and only a 6.6 D-score resulted in a 15.633 total. Bulgaria's Jordan Jovtchev performed his final routine in the final, placing seventh. Admittedly tired and beat up, Jovtchev touched his knee down on a full-twisting double layout to score 15.108. The crowd showed its appreciation of the six-time Olympian, warmly applauding as he walked off the podium one last time. QUOTES FROM THE MEDALISTS: