picture of 2018 Tampa Bay Turner's Invitational

Jan 12-13, 2018

Follow along here for coverage from the 2018 Tampa Bay Turners Invitational! We will be live streaming all level 9 and level 10 sessions on January 12-13. 

Friday January 12

Session 1 - 8:00am EST - Level 9

GymQuarters, Orlando Metro, Dinamo, Revolution, Gym Unlimited, Starlight, Intrigue, Triad, Lakewood Ranch, UGA, London, WCGC, Niagara

Session 2 - 11:30am EST - Level 9

AJS Pan., Michigan, Broadway, New Heights, Genire's Olympis, GLC, Orlando Metro, GLT, Perfect Balance, Head Over Heels, Set 10, IGI, Sun Country.

Session 3 - 3:00pm EST - Level 9

Chapin, North Stars, Energym, RGA, GMS, South Florida, IGI, Tampa Bay Turners, LaFluers Tampa, TNT, Largo, TIGAR

Session 4 - 6:30pm EST - Level 10

Chapin, 10.0 Academy, Genies, AJS Pan, Olympus, GMS, RAD, Gold Medal, UGA, Largo, Michigan, Set 10.0, TBT, Silvia's, TNT, Starlight, WCGC, SunCity

Saturday, January 13

Session 5 - 8:00am EST - Level 10

GymQuarters, Gym Unlimited, Perfect Balance, Revolution, IGI, RGA, Libertyville, SGA, London, TIGAR, Niagara, UGA, Ozark

Session 6 - 11:30am EST - Level 10

Chapin, North Stars, Energym, Olympus, Genie's, Orlando Metro, LaFleurs Tampa, Southeastern, Lakewood Ranch, Triad, New Heights.

Session 7 - 3:00pm EST - Level 10

10.0 Academy, Orlando Metro, GMS, RGA, Gymnastics Unlimited, Southeastern, IGI, Silvia's, LaFleurs Tampa, Sun Country, Lakewood Ranch, TBT, North Stars, TIGAR, Olympus, Triad.