2018 Tampa Bay Turner's Invitational

2018 Tampa Bay Turner's Invitational

Jan 12-13, 2018

Friday January 12

Session 1 - 8:00am EST - Level 9

GymQuarters, Orlando Metro, Dinamo, Revolution, Gym Unlimited, Starlight, Intrigue, Triad, Lakewood Ranch, UGA, London, WCGC, Niagara

Session 2 - 11:30am EST - Level 9

AJS Pan., Michigan, Broadway, New Heights, Genire's Olympis, GLC, Orlando Metro, GLT, Perfect Balance, Head Over Heels, Set 10, IGI, Sun Country.

Session 3 - 3:00pm EST - Level 9

Chapin, North Stars, Energym, RGA, GMS, South Florida, IGI, Tampa Bay Turners, LaFluers Tampa, TNT, Largo, TIGAR

Session 4 - 6:30pm EST - Level 10

Chapin, 10.0 Academy, Genies, AJS Pan, Olympus, GMS, RAD, Gold Medal, UGA, Largo, Michigan, Set 10.0, TBT, Silvia's, TNT, Starlight, WCGC, SunCity

Saturday, January 13

Session 5 - 8:00am EST - Level 10

GymQuarters, Gym Unlimited, Perfect Balance, Revolution, IGI, RGA, Libertyville, SGA, London, TIGAR, Niagara, UGA, Ozark

Session 6 - 11:30am EST - Level 10

Chapin, North Stars, Energym, Olympus, Genie's, Orlando Metro, LaFleurs Tampa, Southeastern, Lakewood Ranch, Triad, New Heights.

Session 7 - 3:00pm EST - Level 10

10.0 Academy, Orlando Metro, GMS, RGA, Gymnastics Unlimited, Southeastern, IGI, Silvia's, LaFleurs Tampa, Sun Country, Lakewood Ranch, TBT, North Stars, TIGAR, Olympus, Triad.

Event Info
Follow along here for coverage from the 2018 Tampa Bay Turners Invitational! We will be live streaming all level 9 and level 10 sessions on January 12-13. 
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