Katelyn Ohashi & 7 Other NCAA Floor Routines That Deserve To Go Viral

College gymnastics is different than club and elite gymnastics in many ways, and one key difference is the flexibility in routines and dance. NCAA gymnastics often attracts many people who aren’t hardcore gymnastics fans because the routines are more fun and entertaining. 

If you loved Katelyn Ohashi’s viral floor routine, check out these other routines that will give you the same feeling of delight.

1. Shannon Hortman-Evans, BYU

This fun, upbeat floor routine brings out the inner child in everyone with its Super Mario Brothers theme! Hortman-Evans’ jerky, robotic movements mimic those of the characters in the game, and spectators can easily grasp the meaning behind the routine as they hear the quickly identifiable sounds of the game. Her dance is so purposeful and dedicated to the theme, she is almost acting as she moves throughout her routine. Make sure to watch to the end, as she even includes the popular viral dance “flossing.”

2. Shani Remme, Boise State

Remme’s 2019 beam routine is a perfect example of shaking things up and adding a personal twist to a routine. Along with a beam-long moonwalk, she incorporates sassy dance poses that infuse her personality into the routine. For an event that is pretty standard and does not leave much room for uniqueness, this routine stands out as different and fun. 

3. Margzetta Frazier, UCLA

Although the crowd is seriously into this routine anytime it is performed, no one is more excited about it than Frazier herself. Seldom does gymnastics see routines as high-energy and passionate as this one, as most gymnasts want to save their energy for their difficult passes. Frazier seems to have more stamina than the Energizer Bunny and keeps a high level of both energy and skill throughout her routine. This routine will continue to be a crowd pleaser throughout this season, as spectators wonder what sport she is competing: gymnastics, dance or karate!

4. Katelyn Ohashi, UCLA

Although most people have already seen this routine since its viral debut, drawing in diehard gymnastics fans, as well as those who have never seen a single competition, this wouldn’t be a list of exciting 2019 NCAA routines without Katelyn Ohashi’s being included. Ohashi’s floor routine has captured the hearts of people across the country not only because it is fun and relatable, but also because of her crisp, clean tumbling passes. Her floor is both elegant and beautiful, while simultaneously being funky and modern, making it one to see this season. Many also enjoyed seeing her genuine joy, showcasing that college gymnastics is all about having fun and expressing yourself. 

5. Olivia Trautman, Oklahoma

Although this routine has no specific theme, Trautman’s choreography is certainly unique. In a world where gymnasts often have similar or familiar moves, her dance is unlike most routines we see, and it brings a fresh twist when she is up to compete, and her stuck landings don’t hurt her wow factor either! Instead of small movements and poses, Trautman moves her entire body at all times, giving a true performance and leaving everything on the floor. 

6. Gracie Kramer, UCLA

Channeling Harley Quinn, a villain in the popular film “Suicide Squad,” Kramer performs a themed routine that keeps the audience on their toes. In a routine so good some won’t like it because it is too realistic, she shows the audience what she is capable of with insane choreography and original dance. As she writhes around and looks completely unlike her normally smiling self, it makes her look evil and gives this normally cheery sport a poisonous twist. Entertaining and energized, this attention-grabbing routine is not easily forgotten — and that’s a good thing! 

7. Nya Reed, Florida 

Reed’s floor routine is the definition of confidence and feeling yourself. Her energy, bold moves and attitude call attention from the crowd, putting all eyes on her. She is clearly a natural performer and feels comfortable in the spotlight, making her routine a treat to watch. The “cha-ching” sound at the end pretty much sums up this floor routine!

8. Derrian Gobourne, Auburn

Voted “team clown” and “team best dancer” by her teammates, Gobourne showcases both of those titles in her 2019 floor routine. Her floor music begins with a version of the popular song “Turn Down for What,” and her energy level shows the same excitement as the song title. Her fun moves both in the air and on the ground get the crowd captivated, and after landing her last pass, a huge double pike, she jumps to the floor, posing strong to finish the set. 

Miranda Martin is a freelance writer who writes about gymnastics, social justice issues, and more. You can follow her on Twitter, Instagram, or contact her through her website.

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