2018 U.S. Gymnastics Championships

Sam Mikulak Secures 5th U.S. Gymnastics National All-Around Title

Sam Mikulak Secures 5th U.S. Gymnastics National All-Around Title

After a strong performance on the second day of competition for the senior men, USOTC's Sam Mikulak secured his fifth National Title with a massive 172.900.

Aug 18, 2018 by Justine Kelly

After a strong performance on the second day of competition for the senior men, USOTC's Sam Mikulak secured his fifth National Title with a massive 172.900. Following Mikulak was Oklahoma's Yul Moldauer with a 168.150, and Oklahoma's Allan Bower with a 166.950.

Event champions include Mikulak, who won floor, parallel bars and high bar; Alec Yoder, who won pommels; Trevor Howard, who won still rings; and Anton Stephenson, who won vault.

Rotation 1: Mikulak Keeps Lead After Floor, Bailey Advances Over Bower

Mikulak started his day on floor exercise, where he put up a 14.350, lower than what he scored on Day 1 by 0.400. He had a few hops on landings, including on his opening 2.5 twist to double front, and his ending triple twist. Still, he held on to his first place spot with a 99.500.

Akash Modi, who was in second place going into the competition, started on pommel horse and put up a very strong routine, though he also had a decrease in score from Day 1, scoring a 13.850 with a small leg break in his routine. 

Sitting in third place was Donothan Bailey, who improved his ranking after the first rotation with his performance on floor. He had a small hop on his opening double front, but stuck his front double twist to front full, and also stuck his 1.5 twist, double twist, and ended with a stuck double Arabian. 

Bower started his meet on parallel bars, where he also had a bit of a slip from Day 1, scoring a 13.650. He performed well on his peach, tuck 1/2 and tuck 1/2 to arms, and stuck his double pike dismount. 

Yoder kept his fifth place spot after a solid vault rotation, and Moldauer also kept his spot in sixth after competing a solid parallel bars routine. He improved significantly from his Day 1 performance and scored a big 14.300, with his routine punctuated by a strong stuck double front half out dismount.

Rotation 2: Mikulak Holds Comfortable Lead, 2.65 points over Modi

Mikulak redeemed himself on pommel horse during the second rotation after falling on Day 1. He hit his set, showing off great flares, and scored an impressive 14.950. 

Modi also improved on his performance from Day 1 during this rotation, scoring a 13.850 on rings. He ended his routine with a stuck double double dismount and kept his second place finish, tied with Bailey at 111.800. Bailey had some leg break issues on pommel horse during this rotation, but still managed to improve from his Day 1 performance where he had even larger deductions. He scored a 14.200 on his routine. 

Yoder headed to parallel bars in this rotation and raised his ranking to fourth place with a 111.100. He improved similarly to Day 1 and stuck his double pike dismount to score a 13.950. 

Moldaeur also improved his ranking to fifth place after a strong high bar performance. He hit a nice Kovacs and stuck his dismount - a downgraded full twisting double layout, scoring 13.550, an improvement on his Day 1 routine. His teammate, Bower, had some issues on this event during the rotation, scoring a 12.900 which set him back to sixth place. He made his Kovacs, although caught it a bit close, and had a hop on his full twisting double layout dismount.

Rotation 3: Moldauer Advances After Strong Floor Tumbling

Halfway through the meet, Mikulak maintained his lead with a 128.700. He put up a solid performance on rings and scored similar to Day 1, sticking his double double dismount. Bailey had some issues on rings, getting a little crooked on his rise to handstand, and scored a 12.850, lower than he scored on Day 1. This placed him back a bit into fourth place. 

Modi kept his second place spot with Mikulak widening his lead by another tenth. Modi was on vault during this rotation and competed a strong Kasamatsu 1.5 with a hop to the side on the landing, scoring a 14.300 to match his score from Day 1. 

Moldauer improved greatly in the rankings with a superb performance on floor during this rotation. All of his tumbling was spot on, with multiple stuck passes, including his front full to front 2.5 twist, and his ending triple twist. He did have some issues on his flares, but still managed to score a 14.500, better than his score on Day 1. This score moved him up into third place with a 125.050. Bower also had a strong floor routine, competing a front double pike with a small hop as his first pass, followed by a stuck double double. He scored a 14.200 for his routine. 

Yoder held strong during this rotation, hitting his major releases on high bar, including a nice Kovacs and good pirouetting skills. He had a small step forward on his dismount and scored a 13.050, roughly the same as he did Day 1.

Rotation 4: Modi Slips On P-Bar Fall, Slips To Fourth, While Moldauer Advances

Mikulak was the first to go on vault in the fourth rotation and pulled out a strong Kasamatsu 1.5, scoring a 14.250 and keeping his first place spot with a 142.950. His closest competitor up until now, Modi, had an unfortunate fall on parallel bars and slipped in the rankings. He fell on his Bhavsar by missing his hand on one of the bars, scoring a 12.400 and dropping him down to fourth place. 

Moldauer got redemption on pommel horse after his fall on Day 1 and put up a really strong set, scoring a 14.400. This routine put him into second place, 3.500 points behind Mikulak. 

In third place was Bower, who put up an incredible routine on pommels, scoring a 14.400. Bailey, who had competed a good Kasamatsu 1.5, like Mikulak, scored a 14.050 to put him into fourth place. Yoder was in sixth place after a great floor routine, where he hit all his landings, including his ending triple twist where he just had a small step. He improved on his Day 1 score and put up a 13.850. 

Rotation 5: Mikulak Impresses On P-Bars With Huge 15.25 Routine

Mikulak was the last to go on parallel bars and put up an incredible routine, scoring a massive 15.250. He hit all his major skills with precision and finished it off with a stuck double front half out dismount. With this routine, he increased his lead significantly going into the last rotation, totaling a 158.200, 4.5 points ahead of Moldauer in second. 

Moldauer also did well in the fifth rotation, hitting his rings routine and capping it off with a stuck double double dismount. His teammate, Bower, also did well on rings with his maltese work and strong full twisting double layout dismount. He dropped slightly to fourth place, due to Bailey putting up a strong performance on parallel bars and advancing to third place. He improved his score slightly from Day 1 and scored a 14.200.

Yoder was at his best event during the fifth rotation - pommels - where he scored a 14.700 for a solid routine, although it was slightly lower than his Day 1 score. Modi unfortunately dropped to sixth place following his high bar routine. He had a nice Tkatchev sequence in the beginning of his routine, but then fell on the wrong side of his Tak full.  

Rotation 6: Mikulak Hits Six For Six With Huge High Bar Performance

Mikulak finished the meet on high bar and put up the routine of his life - he hit all major releases, including his Cassina and Kolman - and finished it off with a big double twisting double layout, which he stuck. The crowd went wild for him, knowing that he had secured the National Championship title by a mile. He scored a 14.700 on the routine and finished with a 172.900 for the day. He was by far the strongest competitor of the day, beating Moldauer in second by 4.750 points. 

Moldauer also finished his meet strong, improving drastically from his Day 1 performance to finish in second place with a 168.150. He vaulted a Kasamatsu 1.5 with just a small hop to the side. Bower came just before him on vault, with a small hop out of bounds, but still securing his third-place finish. 

In fourth place was Bailey, who went up first on high bar during this rotation. He had some hesitation following a pirouette sequence, but kept it going and finished strong with a stuck dismount. 

Yoder capped of his competition with a great rings routine, improving on his Day 1 score and putting up a 13.850. He totaled a 166.550. Despite falling earlier, Modi also finished strong on floor. He had a lot of hops on his landings, but he hit the routine and finished with a 165.550 in sixth place.