2018 UEG Artistic Gymnastics European Championships | Men & Women

Women's Teams, Individuals To Watch For At 2018 Euros

Women's Teams, Individuals To Watch For At 2018 Euros

France, Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, and Russia lead the women's gymnastics teams to watch for at the 2018 European Championships.

Aug 2, 2018 by Amanda Wijangco

Over 130 gymnasts from 35 countries are set to compete in Glasgow, Scotland, for the 2018 European Championships. The women's competition begins on August 2 and concludes August 12. FloGymnastics will be streaming starting August 4, the senior team finals August 4, and the junior and senior event finals August 5, as well as portions of the men's competition on August 9-10 and 12.

Teams To Watch: Kim Bui & Pauline Schafer Lead The Way For Germany

With more than half of the participating countries sending teams to vie for the team title, qualifying to team finals will be no easy task. The qualifications are three-up, three count, so there will be no room for error if teams hope to compete in finals. The top eight countries will advance to the team final, and despite injuries to top athletes, quite a few countries are medal contenders for the first European Championships team competition this quad. 


  • Juliette Bossu
  • Marine Boyer
  • Lorette Charpy
  • Melanie de Jesus dos Santos
  • Coline Devillard

Team France is bringing five experienced gymnasts to Glasgow, four of whom have been to the World Championships. The French are particularly strong on uneven bars and balance beam, as those are strengths for Marine Boyer, Lorette Charpy, and Melanie de Jesus dos Santos. Coline Devillard brings power to the team as she excels on vault. Charpy and de Jesus dos Santos have been commendable all-around competitors for France and can contribute on all four events in the team competition if needed.


  • Kim Bui
  • Leah Griesser
  • Emma Hofele
  • Pauline Schafer
  • Sarah Voss

The Germans are led by Olympians Kim Bui and Pauline Schafer, who will bring a wealth of competitive experience. With the absences of veterans Elisabeth Seitz and Tabea Alt due to injuries, Leah Griesser, Emma Hofele, and Sarah Voss have big shoes to fill but are no strangers to international competition. 

Germany has multiple gymnasts who are strong on bars and floor, including Bui, Griesser, and Schafer, but they could improve on vault and beam. Bui has had much success on vault in the past but has not competed much this year. Voss will be Germany's best asset for vault as it is her best event with a solid Yurchenko double. Reigning world beam champion Schafer can give her team a boost on beam.

Great Britain

  • Georgia-Mae Fenton
  • Taeja James
  • Alice Kinsella
  • Kelly Simm
  • Lucy Stanhope

A country that's been bitten by the injury bug ― Olympian Becky Downie just withdrew from the competition after suffering an injury in podium training ― Great Britain looks to make the best of its still-medal worthy team on home turf. Taeja James is replacing Downie and will be making her senior European Championships debut. Along with Kelly Simm and Lucy Stanhope, James will provide solid vaults for the British. 

Georgia-Mae Fenton's beautiful lines on bars will be valuable to the team as the remaining gymnasts aren't as strong on the apparatus. Alice Kinsella and Lucy Stanhope can put up solid scores on beam while the floor exercise lineup will likely consist of James, Kinsella, and Simm.


  • Celine van Gerner
  • Vera van Pol
  • Naomi Visser
  • Tisha Volleman
  • Sanne Wevers

Known for their lovely lines and elegance, it's no surprise the Dutch team mostly consists of gymnasts who are best on bars and/or beam. Celine van Gerner, Vera van Pol, and Naomi Visser are Netherlands' best bar workers on this team, while beam will be led by reigning Olympic beam champion Sanne Wevers, along with fellow Olympians van Gerner and van Pol. 

Rio Olympian Tisha Volleman is the team's "power gymnast," as she can contribute most on vault and floor. The remaining holes on vault and floor can be filled by Visser and van Pol, the 2018 Dutch silver and gold all-around medalists, respectively. Notably missing are Olympians Eythora Thorsdottir, who broke her hand over the weekend, and Lieke Wevers, who is taking a competitive break this year.


  • Lilia Akhaimova
  • Irina Aleexeva
  • Angelina Melnikova
  • Uliana Perebinosova
  • Angelina Simakova

Leading the Russian women this year at Euros is Olympian Angelina Melnikova, who can contribute good scores on all four events. WOGA gymnast Irina Alexeeva will be making her Russian national team debut in Glasgow. Alexeeva's best events are bars and floor, events where Angelina Simakova can also contribute. Lilia Akhaimova is best on vault and floor, adding power to the team, while Uliana Perebinosova adds the most value on bars. Despite the absence of Elena Eremina and Viktoria Komova, Russia looks to be the gold medal contender with a team of gymnasts who can score well on at least three events. 

Individuals To Watch: Dynamic Angelina Melnikova Looks For Success Across Events

With qualifications being three-up, three-count, only the best and most reliable gymnasts sending teams can advance to event finals. The top eight gymnasts (two per country) will advance to finals. These finals allow gymnasts from larger and smaller gymnastics countries to share the spotlight, so there's a variety of gymnasts to keep an eye out for. 


  • Sofia Busato (ITA)
    • Notable skills: Yurchenko double, FHS 1/2
    • Notable recent scores: 2018 Italian Championships - 14.000
  • Boglarka Devai (HUN)
    • Notable skills: 1/2 on 1/2 off, Podkopayeva
    • Notable recent scores: 2018 - Elek Matolay Memorial - 13.883
  • Coline Devillard (FRA)
    • Notable skills: FHS 1/1, Yurchenko double
    • Notable recent scores: 2018 Doha World Cup - 13.949
  • Denisa Golgota (ROU)
    • Notable skills: Yurchenko double, 1/2 on 1/2 off
    • Notable recent scores: 2018 City of Jesolo Trophy - 14.067
  • Angelina Melnikova (RUS)
    • Notable skills: Yurchenko double, Podkopayeva
    • Notable recent scores: 2018 City of Jesolo Trophy - 14.267
  • Tisha Volleman (NED)
    • Notable skills: Yurchenko full, Podkopayeva
    • Notable recent scores: 2018 Dutch Championships - 13.450
  • Sarah Voss (GER)
    • Notable skills: Yurchenko full
    • Notable recent scores: 2018 1st Bundesliga (AA) - 14.500

Uneven bars

  • Jonna Adlerteg (SWE)
    • Notable skills: layout Jaeger, toe-on piked Tkatchev, Maloney to Bhardwaj, Shaposhnikova, hip circle full pirouette to straddled Tkatchev
    • Notable recent scores: 2018 Swedish Championships - 14.450
  • Juliette Bossu (FRA)
    • Notable skills: Shaposhnikova, Ezhova, Komova II, Pak salto, van Leeuwen, straddled Jaeger, double front dismount
    • Notable recent scores: 2018 French Championships - 14.600
  • Kim Bui (GER)
    • Notable skills: piked Jaeger to Pak salto,  Maloney to Bhardwaj, van Leeuwen, toe-on to full pirouette to Gienger, full-in dismount
    • Notable recent scores: 2018 3rd Bundesliga - 14.500
  • Melanie de Jesus dos Santos (FRA)
    • Notable skills: stalder to straddled Tkatchev, Pak salto, Maloney, Ezhova, van Leeuwen, full twisting double layout dismount
    • Notable recent scores: 2018 French Championships - 14.500
  • Nina Derwael (BEL)
    • Notable skills: straddled Tkatchev, Tkatchev 1/2, Ezhova, Shaposhnikova to Bhardwaj, van Leeuwen, toe-on full twisting double back dismount
    • Notable recent scores:  2018 Belgian Championships - 15.350
  • Georgia-Mae Fenton (GBR)
    • Notable skills: Tweddle to Ezhova, Maloney, straddled Tkatchev, full-in dismount
    • Notable recent scores: 2018 Commonwealth Games - 14.600
  • Uliana Perebinosova (RUS)
    • Notable skills: toe-on straddled Tkatchev to Ezhova, full pirouette to straddled Tkatchev to Pak salto, Komova II, full-in dismount
    • Notable recent scores: 2018 Doha World Cup: 14.566

Balance beam

  • Marine Boyer (FRA)
    • Notable skills: front aerial split jump tuck jump 1/2, roundoff layout, switch split leap to switch split 1/2, L turn to full turn, aerial split leap to side somi, double pike dismount
    • Notable recent scores: 2018 Top 12 Series 3 - 14.200
  • Melanie de Jesus dos Santos (FRA)
    • Notable skills: front pike mount to split jump, BHS layout two feet, split leap sissone, split jump 1/2, switch split 1/1, wolf jump split jump, Gainer full dismount 
    • Notable recent scores: 2018 Tokyo World Cup - 13.933
  • Marta Pihan-Kulesza (POL)
    • Notable skills: split jump front aerial side aerial, illusion turn, switch split 1/2, 
    • Notable recent scores: 2018 Polish Championships - 13.450
  • Pauline Schafer (GER)
    • Notable skills: split leap mount, Y turn, BHS LOSO, switch ring leap, double turn, side somi 1/4, Gainer dismount
    • Notable recent scores: 2018 German Euros Trial - 14.000
  • Celine van Gerner (NED)
    • Notable skills: split jump front aerial, BHS LOSO, switch split 1/1, switch split to straddle 1/2
    • Notable recent scores: 2018 Dutch Championships - 13.667
  • Diana Varinska (UKR)
    • Notable skills: BHS BHS layout, switch ring leap, switch split leap sissone, front aerial ring jump split jump, split jump aerial,  double twist
    • Notable recent scores: 2018 Ukraine Cup - 14.750
  • Sanne Wevers (NED)
    • Notable skills: RO LOSO mount, wolf jump 1/1, double L turn, aerial BHS, front aerial split jump, BHS 1/1, L turn to full turn to double turn to split jump to 1/1 jump, Gainer full dismount
    • Notable recent scores: 2018 Heerenveen Friendly - 14.750

Floor exercise

  • Lilia Akhaimova (RUS)
    • Notable skills: double layout,  piked double arabian, double arabian, tucked full-in
    • Notable recent scores: 2018 Russian Cup - 13.900
  • Marine Boyer (FRA)
    • Notable skills: 1.5 to front tuck, double tuck, 2.5 wolf turn, double pike
    • Notable recent scores: 2018 Top 12 Series 4: 13.650
  • Angelina Melnikova (RUS)
    • Notable skills: full twisting double layout, double layout, 2.5 wolf turn, front tuck through to double tuck, double pike
    • Notable recent scores: 2018 Russian Championships - 14.500
  • Pauline Schafer (GER)
    • Notable skills: front layout double tuck, double pike, FHS 1.5
    • Notable recent scores: 2018 German Euros Trial - 13.100
  • Angelina Simakova (RUS)
    • Notable skills: 1.5 to layout full, full-twisting double back, double wolf turn, double pike, double tuck, 
    • Notable recent scores: 2018 Russian Cup - 13.933

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