Eleven New Women's Skills Submitted for Consideration in Rio

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Eleven skills were submitted by ten athletes on the women's side for consideration for the new Code of Points at the 2016 Rio Olympics. If the gymnast competes her respective skill successfully, it will be named in her honor. See the new men's elements here.

Release via FIG

Eleven new skills in Women's Gymnastics have been submitted for consideration to the FIG Women's Technical Committee at the Olympic Games. The technical committee has already rated the elements for difficulty from A to I, with A being the easiest and I the hardest. Vaults are given a numeric difficulty rating.

If done successfully at any time during the Games, these elements will be officially named for the gymnast who performs them.

Here are the prospective new elements:

The Steingruber

Submitted by: Giulia Steingruber, Switzerland
Apparatus: Vault
Element description: A handspring front stretched salto with two twists.
Element value: 6.6.
Note: Steingruber has successfully competed the same vault with half a twist less for the past several years.

The Hong Un Jong

Submitted by: Hong Un Jong, Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Apparatus: Vault
Element description: A Yurchenko vault with a triple twist
Element value: 6.8
Note: This vault is a more difficult variation of the Amanar vault, a Yurchenko with 2.5 twists.

The Gebeshian

Submitted by: Houry Gebeshian, Armenia
Apparatus: Uneven Bars
Element description: A hecht mount with a 360 degree turn with repulsion off the low bar to the high bar.
Element value: D
Note: Gebeshian is Armenia's first ever female gymnast to compete at an Olympic Games.

The Biles

Submitted by: Simone Biles, USA
Apparatus: Uneven Bars
Element description: A Wieler kip with a 360 degree pirouette.
Element value: E
Note: This would be the second move named after Bilesin in the code of points. She already has a tumbling skill named for her on Floor Exercise.

The Dick

Submitted by: Marisa Dick, Trinidad and Tobago
Apparatus: Balance Beam
Element description: A mount -- change leg leap with 180 degree turn to free sit split position.
Element value: D
Note: Dick made international headlines after getting a different Beam mount named after her at last fall's World Championships. This move would be called the Dick II.

The Sugihara

Submitted by: Aiko Sugihara, Japan
Apparatus: Balance Beam
Element description: A double turn with free leg held in split throughout.
Element value: E
Note: Sugihara, an Olympic rookie, won the Asian Championships in 2015. Twisting elements are her specialty -- her nickname is "Twist Princess."

The Jurkowska-Kowalska

Submitted by: Katarzyna Jurkowska-Kowalska, Poland
Apparatus: Balance Beam
Element description: A Gainer stretched salto dismount off the end of the Beam with two twists.
Element value: F
Note: Jurkowska-Kowalska caused a stir when she trained this element at June's European Championships in Switzerland.

The Wevers I

Submitted by: Lieke Wevers, Netherlands
Apparatus: Floor Exercise
Element description: Triple turn with free leg at horizontal throughout.
Element value: E
Note: Wevers, part of the Dutch team nicknamed "OrangElegance" for its clean execution, competed in the Floor final at the 2015 World Championships.

The Wevers II

Submitted by: Lieke Wevers, Netherlands
Apparatus: Floor Exercise
Element description: Triple turn with free leg in back altitude throughout.
Element value: E
Note: Wevers, part of the Dutch team nicknamed "OrangElegance" for its clean execution, competed in the Floor final at the 2015 World Championships.

The Fragapane

Submitted by: Claudia Fragapane, Great Britain
Apparatus: Floor Exercise
Element description: Switch leap with 720 degree turn.
Element value: E
Note: Fragapane won four gold medals at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, the first Englishwoman to do so since 1930.

The Andrade

Submitted by: Rebeca Andrade, Brazil
Apparatus: Floor Exercise
Element description:  A double tucked back salto with 540 degree turn.  
Element value: G
Note: Andrade is making her Olympic debut with the Brazilian team.

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