Inside Their World: Mizzou Freshman Madeleine Huber

Inside Their World: Mizzou Freshman Madeleine Huber

Madeleine Huber is a freshman at Mizzou this year—one of eight freshmen who are showing up incredibly strong for the Tigers in their rookie seasons. Huber h

Jan 26, 2016 by Rebecca Johnson
Inside Their World: Mizzou Freshman Madeleine Huber
Madeleine Huber is a freshman at Mizzou this year—one of eight freshmen who are showing up incredibly strong for the Tigers in their rookie seasons. Huber has become a staple in the Missouri bars lineup, earning the leadoff position due to her impressive consistency. She boasts a 9.806 average and a career high of a 9.85 which she earned in her collegiate debut. Huber also broke into the vault lineup for a couple meets this season.

Mizzou will compete at the 2016 Metroplex Challenge in Dallas this weekend, taking on OU, LSU, Stanford, and Washington in one of the most stacked regular season competitions in all of NCAA gymnastics. FloGymnastics will be streaming the event LIVE, so tune in on Saturday at 6:45 p.m. CST to see all the action.

Learn more about Huber in this week’s Inside Their World…

FloGymnastics: Did you play any other sports growing up?
Madeleine Huber: Yes, I played soccer, softball, participated in swim team and took three styles of dance: ballet, tap, and jazz.

If you had to switch to a different sport right now, which would you choose?
Definitely dance. In middle school, I danced in the Nutcracker with the Joffrey Ballet Company three separate times. It was a great opportunity to practice my dancing but also to watch professionals perform right next to me.

What is your first memory of doing gymnastics?
I remember jumping on my backyard trampoline with my dad spotting me through back tucks and double backs at age five. He was a gymnast in high school and later became a coach so he taught me and my brothers how to jump on a trampoline at a young age.

Which athletes (any sport) do you most respect and why?
I have a huge respect to any high-level athlete. My family was involved in all different sports (Mom-collegiate swimmer, Dad-gymnast and pole vaulter, brother Ryan-soccer, brother Tyler-Basketball, brother Chad-cross country) so I have learned that any high-level athlete has put in thousands of hours of hard work and dedication. Each sport has its unique skills such balance, strength, and hand-eye coordination so I highly respect any successful athlete, especially those who have one of these skills I lack.

What is your favorite healthy food and favorite junk food?
There are too many to choose from-I love eating healthy! Junk food - Chocolate.

What is your favorite thing to do in your free time to relax?
To relax, I enjoy reading fiction books or creating something inspired by Pinterest.

What is your favorite subject in school?
My favorite subject changes almost every year. It depends on the material we are learning as well as the teacher’s style.

What is your favorite event and why?
My favorite event has always been bars because it feels like the closest thing to flying. Ever since I can remember, my dad has told me “Go Fly” before each meet.

Huber on bars:

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
The classic vanilla bean

How old were you when you started gymnastics and how did you get involved?
When I was four years old, I fell off my bicycle and broke my arm in two different places. My parents thought my bones were too fragile and I needed to build muscle. They knew gymnastics would help in this area so they put me in a once a week class. I fell in love with the sport and the rest is history.

What keeps you motivated in the gym?
Striving to reach my full potential motivates me each day. I want to use every piece of talent God has provided me and leave the sport knowing I gave it my all.

Can you play any musical instruments?
I wish. In elementary school, I played the violin and viola. When I am finished with gymnastics, I want to learn how to play the piano.

What is the last thing you bought?
Mini colorful slinkis! My major is architecture so I am currently taking a visual design class. We make visual projects which forces you to be creative with your materials.

What’s the best vacation you’ve ever been on?
This past summer we took a sibling trip to visit my brother in New York

What’s one food you just can’t stand?

Make sure to catch Huber and the Mizzou Tigers at Metroplex on Saturday!

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