Simone Biles Partnering With Nike

Simone Biles Partnering With Nike

[tweet url="" hide_media="0" hide_thread="1"]Coming off a historic performance at the 2015 World C

Nov 11, 2015 by Rebecca Johnson
Simone Biles Partnering With Nike
Coming off a historic performance at the 2015 World Championships, the excitement has only continued for Simone Biles. She made the decision to turn professional at the end of July this year and has now announced that she will be partnering with Nike. According to her Twitter, she recently spent some time in Oregon which is where the Nike headquaters are located.

Shawn Johnson, who is also sponsored by Nike, posted about the addition of Biles to the Nike family. They are now "swoosh sisters."

With Rio fast approaching, Biles is building on her momentum as the most golden Worlds gymnast in history. She continues to take the gymnastics world by storm, and now as a Nike athlete, with even more of a presence in the sports industry as a whole. 

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