2013 World Championships

Loveliest Leos: World Championship Edition

Loveliest Leos: World Championship Edition

Loveliest Leos: World Championship Edition

Oct 18, 2013 by Elizabeth Stranahan
Loveliest Leos: World Championship Edition

Bedazzled, bejeweled, and bedecked, as we take a look at the fashion statements from the 2013 World Championships, it is clear that this year was all about the bling!

The 2013 World Championships topped the charts with high-flying performances from the American squad that secured Biles, Maroney, and Ross alike medals of glittering gold. But in the hunt for top spot as the winner of the 2013 World Championship’s Loveliest Leo, the playing field is wide open. Take a look at the contestants then cast your vote as we look for the best leo of the 2013 World Championship competition!

First to march down the fashion runway is Krystyna Sankova of the Ukraine. We just cannot get enough of the flirty high collar that screams regal. The silvery-black ribbon provides a sharp contrast to the loud pink and gives this leotard with movement as it pulls across the body before falling into a graceful spiral down the sleeves. The clean lines and simple yet powerful detailing speaks to the poise of the Ukrainians and earns them a spot on our list.

Although it remains to be seen whether Martha Karolyi or the rest of the selection team actually know the colors of the American flag, it cannot be disputed that the young ladies from Team USA looked perky in purple during the 2013 Vault and Uneven Bars Finals. The soft netting on the sleeves balances out the harsh metallic of the body. The look gets finished off with the ever-popular rhinestones blossoming into a beautiful floral-like design. My favorite part of this leo, though, must be the tasteful trail of rhinestones that line the low back. It’s a chic pairing and one that shows a leo does not need the collision of bold colors to be beautiful.

There is a saying in gymnastics, known to all those who ever braved slipping into the tight lycra, “never wear a white leo.” I repeat, once past the age of fourteen never, ever, wear a white leo. That is, of course, unless you are Siqi Zheng of China, in which case we say, “You go girl!” China also seems to have missed the memo that their national flag is decked out in red and gold with this leo shimmering with pink and purple accents, but Siqi wears it with such confidence that we don’t even mind. There is a simplicity and fragility to this design that gives Siqi a touch of the ethereal. Her delicate frame fits nicely into this subtly sleek leo, so we give it a thumbs up.

And speaking of China, props ought go to their design team for finally moving away from the crushed velvet stage. Welcome to the new millennium, China. Please, please, do not revert back.

The next style stunner goes to Asuka Teramoto of Japan. This nation felt like one of the few to integrate their country's colors into their design, and Japan integrated their colors well even adding in a tasteful little twist. The airbrush stylings of this leotard echo reminiscent of the leo American Aly Raisman wore at the 2012 London Floor Final. However, feel free to disagree, the Japanese take may be even better. The delicate fabric makes the leotard look smooth and comfy while the rhinestone detail adds a bit of modern flash. The intertwining black and white peaks also hint at the breathtaking mountainous landscape Japan houses. Classic meets contemporary meets national pride in this leotard making it a fashion inspiration to us all!

Taking the last spot, Ellie Black of Canada sneaks onto the podium with this deceptively simple blue crush combo. While not one of the flashiest garbs to hit the arena floor this year, we just love the subtle integration of Canada's signature maple leaf. The gently cascading foliage intertwined with the black swirling design creates a finesse that accents the gymnast's beauty without overpowering her. A time-honored deisgn with exquisite features makes this leo a beautiful choice. We are definitely Inuit. (Who doesn't like a good Canadian pun, eh?).

Lastly, while not placing in the final tally, we are awarding Italy’s Vanessa Ferrari with honorable mention for the fiery red ensemble she wore in the women’s all around finals. Why does this leo top the charts? One word: ventilation. The Italians continue to show their fashion forward thinking with the peephole shoulders on this spicy number. This is not the first time the Italians have shown a little skin, either; beam queen Elisabetta Preziosa sported a similar style at the Italian Championships earlier this year. However, it is not just the smart cutouts that make this leo work. The cheeky netting on the chest and the dazzling rhinestones creating a faux sweetheart neckline gives this look a cohesion that caught our eye and surely the judges too!

You have seen the contenders, you know the styles, now vote for your favorite leotard of the 2013 World Championships! Did your favorite fashion icon not make the list? Share who tops your list in the comments!