2014 American Classic

Meet the American Classic JRs-Part 3

Meet the American Classic JRs-Part 3

Jun 19, 2014 by Keri Monstrola
Meet the American Classic JRs-Part 3
American Classic- Junior Elites - Part 3

The 2014 American Classic will feature thirty junior elite gymnasts. The American Classic will be held at the ranch in Huntsville, Texas on July 5th. The majority of the athletes competing in the American Classic are veterans of the ranch, through the developmental camps or National team camp, and they are very familiar with the equipment and environment. The American Classic will serve as one of two qualifiers for the P&G Gymnastics Championships. 

Pictured: Olivia Dunne 
Olivia Dunne is a junior elite gymnast who trains at Eastern National Academy of Paramus with her coaches Craig and Jennifer Zappas. Olivia qualified to junior elite at the May developmental camp, making her a first year elite. Olivia finished 2nd in the all-around at last year’s US Challenge.
During an interview with her coach, Craig Zappas, he states that Olivia is training hard for the American Classic. Olivia is planning on debuting a new bar dismount, Arabian Double Front. She has also upgraded her vault to a yurchenko full. On beam she is working hard on bringing a solid routine and improving on her connections to increase her start value. Olivia has come a long way on floor over the past few months after a leg injury earlier in the year. Look for Olivia to play conservative but compete strong as she hopes to qualify for Championships. 

Pictured: Milan Clausi 
Junior elite gymnast, Milan Clausi is being coached by her mom, Missy Marlowe and by former elite gymnast Kyle Khou at USA Gymnastics World. Milan is 14 years old and in her first year as a junior elite. Milan scored a 13.40 on floor at the 2014 Cal Classic Elite Qualifier to win the floor title. She placed 2nd overall and qualified for junior elite. Watch her winning floor routine here.  In 2013 Milan finished 3rd in the all-around, 6th on vault and 2nd on floor at the US Challenge. Milan brings strong tumbling and dance to her floor routine, including a double layout. She will look to capitalize on her strong floor routine to help her qualify for the 2014 P&G Championships. 
Aria Brusch is a 12 year old junior elite gymnast who trains at Cincinnati Gymnastics with her coach Mary Lee Tracy. Brusch qualified to junior elite at the 2014 Buckeye Classic. Aria trains alongside junior elite gymnast Abigail Matthews. At the 2013 US Challenge, Aria finished 9th in the all-around and 4th on beam. At this year’s Buckeye Classic Aria finished 3rd in the all-around and 3rd on bars. 

Junior elite gymnast Abigail Matthews also trains at Cincinnati Gymnastics with Mary Lee Tracy.  14 year old, Abigail, qualified to junior elite at May training camp. Matthews trains alongside junior elite gymnast Aria Brusch. Matthews has increased her strength, both physically and mentally, since moving to CGA and it has really paid off in her gymnastics. Matthews has beautiful gymnastics on bars and beam, which are her strongest events. She admits she needs to work harder for skills on floor but is making great progress including a triple full. Abigail placed 9th in the all-around, 5th on vault and 6th on bars at the 2014 Buckeye Classic. Abigail has accepted a full scholarship to the University of Oklahoma. She will begin her transition to NCAA gymnastics in the fall of 2017. Her goals include making Championships and placing in the top 10. Her long term goals include making a US National Team. 
Emily Muhlenhaupt is another junior elite gymnast competing at this year’s American Classic. Emily trains at Colorado Aerials Gymnastics Center in Colorado Springs, CO under coaches Kathy Vigil and Jason Baits.  In 2013, Emily competed as a first year level 10 and qualified to the JO National Championships. At the 2013 Parkette's Elite Qualifier, Emily qualified junior international elite for the first time. At the 2014 SCEGA Elite Qualifier Emily placed 3rd on vault and 9th in the all-around. Watch her strong yurchenko full here. Emily's bar routine shows beautiful lines and strong release moves. Watch her bar routine from the 2014 SCEGA Elite qualifer here. Emily has goals to be on a National Team and travel the world to compete for team USA.

Adrianna Popp is from Easton, PA and trains at Girls In Co-Operation Gymnastics Training Center Inc. Adrianna trains under coach, Sandy Greiner. Adrianna qualified to junior elite at May training camp, making her a first year junior elite. At the 2013 Secret Classic, Adrianna placed 3rd on beam scoring a 13.20 and 18th on floor. Adrianna is a veteran of the developmental camps as she has been attending for years. She will look to use the familiarity of the equipment at the ranch to help her qualify for the 2014 P&G Championships. 
Madison Rau is from Cypress, Texas and trains at Cypress Academy of Gymnastics. Madison was on the roster for this year’s American classic, however, will be a scratch due to a broken wrist. She is planning on coming back at Secret Classic’s in August. 

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