Catching Up With Former Michigan Wolverine Joanna Sampson Bodri

Catching Up With Former Michigan Wolverine Joanna Sampson Bodri
Photo: Melissa Perenson
Joanna Sampson Bodri was an outstanding gymnast for the University of Michigan from 2010-2014. She made Wolverines history in her junior year by becoming the team's first-ever NCAA floor champion. Sampson qualified to NCAA Championships as an individual and made a big splash. She was a consistent and outstanding all-arounder throughout her four years at Michigan.

FloGymnastics recently caught up with Sampson to talk about her life after gymnastics:

Joanna Sampson of Michigan Gymnastics by Long Shot Photos

FloGymnastics: What have you been up to since graduating in 2014?
Sampson: After graduating I got married, bought a house back home in Pennsylvania, and we got a dog. I work full time at a casino, along with coaching at my former club gym.

What do you enjoy most about coaching?
I love being able to teach kids something new. I love to see the look on their faces when they succeed at something they have been working hard at. It helps me remember where I came from as a gymnast. 

When you look back at your career at Michigan, what moments stand out to you the most? 
Winning Big Tens my freshman and senior season! Winning my senior year was a little more special because of the heartbreak and struggles we had during my sophomore and junior seasons.  

What are you most proud of as a Michigan Wolverine?
I am most proud of the person that I became being at Michigan. The way that I grew outside of the sport of gymnastics. 

What do you miss most about gymnastics and being a Michigan Wolverine?
I miss having my teammates with me. I miss having people there for me 24/7 and never being alone. There was always someone around who completely understood what I was going through. 

What personal accomplishment are you most proud of?
I am most proud of winning the 2013 NCAA floor national title. I was the first Michigan gymnast to win the floor title, so that was really special. 

Michigan has been on the brink of breaking through the past few seasons. What do you think it will take for Michigan to break through and make the Super Six and be a contender for the national championship?
It is not at all a lack of talent or I don't think there is anything else the coaches can do. I think it comes down to the athletes training the way you compete and being able to handle the pressure and black out the distractions. However, it is tough. I thought we would make Super Six my senior year, and it just didn't play out that way. 

What is next for you personally? What are your future goals?
This past spring I started back to school to get my master's in education. I am working towards earning a degree to teach grades 4-8. I am hoping to complete my master's in the next three years. 

Anything else you would like to share with us?
I just want to say thank you to everyone who supported me at Michigan: my parents, teammates, coaches, and my now husband. All of those that supported me helped make me that person I am today. 

Stay tuned to FloGymnastics for more interviews with your favorite NCAA graduates. 

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