Alyssa Baumann On Transition To Becoming A Gator


Hear from Alyssa Baumann about returning strong from injury, the decision to defer last year, and the differences she’s experienced in the transition from elite to NCAA.

Don't miss:

0:45: On missing the Olympics and rearranging her goals

1:30: On deferring from Florida and getting back into gymnastics

3:00: On deciding whether or not to continue with elite

3:30: On vacationing with Aly Raisman, Maggie Nichols and Sydney Ewing

4:10: On training at UF

4L38: On new floor routine and breaking out of her shell

5:58: On the skills she's most looking forward to competing

6:25: On her former coaches Laurent and Cecile now coaching Simone Biles

7:38: On college major and school

8:00: On Florida's depth and team chemistry