Getting In The Zone: FEAR FLUSHERS!


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Doc Ali’s Tight Mind Monday 6-12-17: Flush Your Fear!

This Tight Mind Monday we are doing something fun and helpful in clearing our minds. They are called Fear Flushers! Fear Flushers are a fun thing to do individually, or with your entire team in order to let go of any fears that are holding you back.  

You need a few props – a roll of toilet paper and some water-based markers.  

Think of any fears that are getting in your way this summer. It might be fear of a new skill, or fear that you won’t make it to the next level. Take a toilet paper square and write each of your fears on the square. Then on another piece of regular paper, write your opposite Tight Mind thoughts. These are the thoughts that can fuel you forward. Sometimes I call these “The Truth” because I believe that our positive thoughts are the ones that are really the most powerful. Your “Truths” are things like, “I can do this,” “Just push through’" or “Do it for Level 7.”  Write your statements on the paper and put them up somewhere you can see them everyday. We always need to be reminded of the truth!

Next, the fun part. Either by yourself or with a group head towards your closest toilet bowl. One at a time, state out loud the following statement, “I am flushing {negative thought here} because the truth is {positive thought here}.”  Be sure to say this statement loud and proud. After each statement, throw your toilet paper square into the toilet. Notice how the marker dissolves and imagine your fear dissolving with it!  When you complete your squares, or another one of your teammates are done with theirs, count to three and say out loud,
FLUSH IT. you flush the toilet and watch your fears go down.

Imagine that as they flush, you let them go and they leave your mind. Then, go into the gym embracing your new truths. Say your positive statements over and over again during workout.  

Fear flushers are a good way to keep your fears in check and embrace your positive thoughts. Do this whenever you feel fear is controlling your life or your gymnastics!

Alison Arnold Ph.D. has been a mental toughness consultant to USA Gymnastics since 1997. Check out a little more about Doc Ali and her on-line bootcamps here.