Tight Mind Monday: Trust – It's Just Another Routine


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Tight Mind Monday: Trust – It's Just Another Routine

We all know that when you over-try there is a tendency to underperform. It’s when you force and put too much pressure on yourself that mistakes happen. In this Tight Mind Monday we will look at how to trust yourself in order to move your mind from hoping you are going to hit, to knowing and trusting that the routine is there for you.  

One way to do this is the power of thinking, “just another routine”. If you’ve trained well, it’s possible you’ve hit these routines tens or even hundreds of times. “Just Another Routine” helps you stay cam and in the moment. It helps you not succumb to pressure thoughts causing your body and mind to fill with tension. Here are some Tight Mind Tips to help you use “just another routine” as a tool to build confidence.

Create a Confidence J.A.R.

Grab a glass jar from the kitchen. It could be a mason jar, or even an old pasta sauce jar. This is going to become your Confidence J.A.R. It will hold banked, quality routines that can remind you of how many routines you have actually hit. Decorate your bank with the words “Confidence J.A.R: Just Another Routine.” If you haven’t noticed, the letters stand for Just Another Routine! With every hit routine in practice, add a “hit bit” to your jar. This could be a small piece of paper, penny, bean, or even M&M. If you work hard, think of how many hit routines you could have by the end of season. If you hit ten routines or vaults every day in practice, for five days a week, in 12 weeks that would be 600 hit routines! You can also color code your “hit bits” so you can differentiate successful routines on each event. Work hard in practice and watch your jar grow. With every hit bit you add to the jar, own that you have all those routines already inside you. All you need to do is bring them out in competition!

Use the phrase, “Just Another Routine” before every routine in practice and competition to keep you relaxed and confident. Before you begin take a deep breath, say “I got this, just another routine” and go! Especially remember this when the pressure is high. Use it to keep calm before a major competition. Keep in the back of your mind all of your banked routines and allow them become a foundation of confidence.

Use your Confidence J.A.R. and the phrase “just another routine” for the rest of the season and watch your mind move from hoping your are going to hit, to knowing you will hit. Be confident, trust yourself, and expect to hit!

If you have any questions, comments, or want to show Doc Ali a picture of your Confidence J.A.R., contact her at www.headgamesworld.com or HeadGames World on Facebook.