Tight Mind Monday: Overcoming Mental Blocks Part 4 - Deeper Issues


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Doc Ali’s Tight Mind Monday: Overcoming Mental Blocks Part 4: Deeper Issues

Welcome to Part Four of my four part series on dealing with fears and mental blocks. So, what do you do if your mental block still seems stuck? It’s time to put on the psychologist hat and let’s look at some “deeper issues” that can effect fears and blocks. Here are a few of the most common issues I’ve seen in my 25 years working with gymnasts.

See if any of these apply to you:

• Fear of Failure: Fear of failure is focusing on the outcome instead of the process of gymnastics. It is worrying about scores, places, or messing up. It can also be comparing to other gymnasts and never feeling good enough.

• Too Much Pressure: Many times we experience too much pressure from self, parents, or coaches. You might feel as if your self-esteem is contingent upon how well you do in the gym. Sometimes the pressure is a fear you will disappoint those around you and they in some way they might be upset or mad at you.

• Stressors Outside of the Gym: When there is stress outside the gym it can lead to blocks in the gym. This can include feeling overwhelmed with school, being over-tired, an illness or change in the family, or being sick yourself.  

If you can identify with any of these deeper issues the most important tool is: Get out of the stress and into the LOVE!

Here are some Tight Mind Tips:

1. Focus on what you can control about your gymnastics instead of the outcomes. Things you can control include: going all out, focusing on small improvements, 100% hard work, being a team leader, and having fun. 

2. Focus on what you love about the sport of gymnastics. Is it laughing with your teammates? The feeling of flight? The excitement of learning a new skill? Get out of the pressure by feeling the joy you experienced when you first started gymnastics.

Love is always the antidote for fear. When you focus on the love the block beast becomes putty in your hands and melts away.  

Keep working on our four tools to break down any block – our Confidence Ladder, Robotic Mental Choreography, Breathing and Heart Statements, and explore the Deeper Issues. If you need more help I’m always here for you at Headgamesworld.com