Recruiting 101: What Does it Mean to Have an 'Up to the Level' Routine?

'Up to the Level' Routines

"Up to the Level" Routines

The college gymnastics coaches gather at the end of the year to evaluate the season. They decide if rules need to be adjusted or changed for women's college gymnastics. Most parents and club gymnasts understand that college meets are judged based upon Level 10 JO National rules. However, as I advise parents and gymnasts, I see many that do not understand the modifications and how they affect recruiting.   

The college judging system has the ability to take a flat .10 deduction from each routine on each event except vault. Therefore, the college coach is looking for gymnast to recruit who have "up to the level" routines.  

Because this can get quite technical especially for the parent, I recommend you discuss the details with your gymnast and club coach.  Ask your daughter or club coach if your daughters routines are "up to the level"  If they do not know what this is you can find the rules online at  

Most club coaches do a great job of designing routines that fit these qualifications. Just be sure you have an idea of what is required and what to shoot for so that your daughter can be the most competitive recruit possible.  

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