Workout Insider: Ranch Preparations & Elite Skills with Adeline Kenlin and Iowa Gym-Nest


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In this full workout at Iowa Gym-Nest in Coralville, Iowa, you'll get an in-depth look at what goes into preseason training for junior elite Adeline Kenlin and the other aspiring elites at the gym.

Kenlin closed out her 2016 season at P&G Championships, battled and recovered from an injury, and now is looking to be invited to National Team training camp and make the U.S. National Team next year. Erika Briscoe is training to qualify elite in 2017 and has been developing new skills daily.

Nora Brewer and Ciarra Miller are training hard to perfect their elite compulsory routines while also training skills to help them reach level eight next season. Macey Howes was a level five last year and hopes to compete level seven next season.

Also check out this creative conditioning circuit using playing cards.

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