Recruiting 101: The Ideal College Gymnastics Recruit


In this week's Recruiting 101, we discuss five qualities that college coaches look for in a college gymnastics recruit. 

1. Level 10 with 10.0 start value
2. Focused academics
3. Strong character
4. Fitness is a priority
5. Proven results

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About Jill Hicks:
I was an elite gymnast and received an athletic scholarship to Oregon State. Because of an injury, I was asked to be one of the coaches, which began my 20-year career in college coaching. After Oregon State, I became the head coach at Cal State Fullerton. After coaching, I went on the Kellogg's Tour of Champions as the chaperone for the Fierce Five. When I returned, I launched my business, JH Consulting, which is an advising business for club gymnasts looking for help during the college recruitment process.