2020 LA Lights Tournament of Champions

2020 LA Lights Tournament of Champions

Jan 25-26, 2020

 Jan. 25


Time startTime endCategoryClub/ Age
9:00AM9:32 AMLevel 4 Floor

9:32AM10:00AMLevel 4 Rope

10:00AM10:32AMLevel 4 Ball

10:32AM11:19 AMLevel 5 Floor/Rope

11:19AM12:02 PMLevel 6 A Floor/ RopeNRA, BRA, RALA
12:02 PM12:45 PMLevel 6 B Floor/ RopeGRA, STA, ILRG, LASG
12:00PM12:30PMAwards L4 • Garden Room

12:45 PM1:00AMJudges Break

1:00PM1:40AMLevel 7 A Floor/HoopNRA, RALA,GRRH, ILRG,CHNK
1:40AM2:16PMLevel 7 B Floor/HoopSTA, LALU, PLARH, RUS, BUC
2:16 PM3:00PMLevel 8 A Floor/BallEVRH, NRA, RHDR, ILRG
3:00PM3:44 PMLevel8 B Floor/ BallGRRH, RALA, GRA, DIA, SORG
3:45 PM4:00PMJudges Break

4:00PM4:52 PMLevel 9 Jr C Rope/BallGRRH, SORG, LASG, GRA, DIA, EVRH, GIRG
4:S2 PM5:44 PMLevel 9 Jr C Rope/BallCHNK, RALA, NWRH, OLYM, ILRG, NRA
5:44 PM6:40 PMLevel 9 Jr C Rope/BallEURO, STA, RHDR, RHOL. LAR  UKR
6:40PM7:15PMLevel 9 Sr Hoop/ Ball

7:15 PM7:25 PMJudges Break/ Group timed warmup

7:25 PM7:27 PMSr Group Hoops/Cubs

7:28 PM8:24PMLevel10 Jr Rope/Ball

8:24 PM9:08PMLevel 10 Sr A Hoop/Ball

9:08 PM9:56PMLevel 10 Sr B Hoop/Ball

Jan. 26

9:48AMLevel 5 Hoop/Clubs

9:48AM10:33 AMLevel 6 B Ball/RibbonGRA, STA, ILRG, LASG
10:32AM11:15AMLevel 6 A Ball/RibbonNRA, BRA, RALA
11:15 AM11:52  AMLevel 7 B Ball/CubsSTA, LALU, PLARH, RUS, BUC
11:52 AM12:32 PMLevel 7 A Ball/ CubsNRA, RALA,GRRH, ILRG, CHNK
12:32 PM1:16PMLevel 8 B Clubs/RibbonGRRH, RALA, GRA, DI A, SORG
1:16PM2:00 PMLevel 8 A Clubs/ RibbonEVRH, NRA, RHDR, ILRG
2:00PM2:30PMJudges Break, Awards L5,6,7

2:30PM3:26 PMLevel 9 Jr B Cubs/RibbonCHNK, RALA, NWRH, OLYM, ILRG, NRA
3:26PM4:22 PMLevel 9 Jr Clubs/RibbonEURO, STA, RHDR, RHOL, LAR, UKR
4:22 PM5:14PMLeve l9 Jr A Clubs/RibbonGRRH, SORG, LASG, GRA, DIA, EVRH, GIRG
5:14 PM5:50 PMLevel 9 Sr Clubs/Ribbon

5:50PM6:20PMJudges Break, Awards L8, 9 Jr

6:20PM6:27PMGroup timed warmup

6:27 PM6:29 PMSr Group 5 Balls

6:30PM7:22 PMLeve l 10 Jr Clubs/Ribbon

7:22 PM8:10 PMLevel 10 Sr B Clubs/Ribbon

8:10PM8:54PMLevel 10 SrA Clubs/Ribbon

8:55 PM9:25 PMGala Show

9:25 PM9:25 PMAwards L9 Sr, L10

Event Info
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