Glute & Core Blast: GymQuarters Conditioning Circuit

Aug 28, 2017

GymQuarters went through an awesome conditioning circuit when we visited over the summer... and you're going to want to try this one out!


40 seconds each exercise:
Mountain climbers
Squat jumps
Burpees (w/ pushup)
Bunny hops

-- Rest  --

40 seconds each exercise:
Push ups
Plank hold
Up up down down (from push-up position to plank, alternate hands)
1, 2, 3 pushups (slow push ups)
Plank push ups
Plank hold
Push up position hold
Push ups

-- Rest --

40 seconds each exercise:
Hollow body hold
V-ups (touch your toes!)
Hollow body rockers
Leg lift butt ups
Reverse crunches
Toe touches
Crunch hold
Fast crunches
Hollow body

...Time to get conditioning!

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