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Drills To Master A Press Handstand

Oct 23, 2017

Audra Slife and the Midwest Twisters gymnasts demonstrate a few drills crucial to mastering a press handstand.

Drill one focuses on the very last part of the press handstand -- lowering back down to the straddle hold. This last section is often forgotten, but is extremely important for being able to do multiple press handstands in a row.

Drill two focuses on the body shaping for the press and getting gymnasts to maintain a tight shape and not open to an arch when they press all the way up to handstand.

Drill three uses panel mats to help give gymnasts the momentum to press up to handstand by themselves. This drill is also great for stalders on bars.

Bonus mini drill: using the parallettes, gymnasts work on the strength needed for the initial part of the press, without going all the way to handstand.