picture of Courtney McCool

Courtney McCool: "Not Just Touching the Waters... But Doing a Giant Cannonball"

Nov 29, 2012

2004 Olympic Silver Medalist Courtney McCool of GAGE talks about the decision to remain a junior elite competitor in 2003, competing in her second U.S. Championships that year, and making the Junior National Team for the first time. McCool made a huge splash in elite gymnastics that year, jumping from 17th all around at the 2002 National Championships to 2nd in 2003. She then earned her first international assignment, the 2003 Pan American Games, along with 2003 World Bars Champion Chellsie Memmel and future Olympic Champion Nastia Liukin. What were her thoughts about her first time representing the United States? What was she surprised to see at the those Championships? FIND OUT!