2019 NCAA Regional Championships Assignments

The 2019 NCAA Regional Championships assignments have been announced and the top 36 teams are moving on to post-season.

The post-season format has changed this year and there are four regional sites with eight schools at each. The top 16 schools by NQS ranking were seeded (with a minor change to allow all hosts to compete at home). Teams 17 through 36 were then placed geographically at one of the four regional sites. The top 12 individual all-around competitors and top 16 event specialists were selected based on NQS and placed geographically keeping individuals from the same team together.

Each regional site will have three days of competition, April 4-6. On the first day, the "play-in" round, the bottom two teams will compete to determine who moves on to the second day of competition. 

On the second day, there will be two sessions of four teams. The teams seeded #2, #3, #5, and #6 in that specific regional, will compete in session one. The teams seeded in #1, #4, #7, and whoever wins the play-in, will compete in session two. The two top teams from each session move on to the next day of competition.

The final day will hold one session with the four teams, and the top two will then advance to nationals. Nationals will be held in Fort Worth, Texas April 19-20.

Ann Arbor Regional

  • #2 UCLA
  • #7 Michigan
  • #10 Alabama
  • #14 Nebraska
  • #23 Penn State
  • #26 Ohio State
  • #27 West Virginia
  • #29 Illinois
  • #30 Central Michigan

Athens Regional 

  • #1 Oklahoma
  • #8 Georgia
  • #9 Kentucky
  • #16 California
  • #19 Missouri
  • #28 Maryland
  • #31 NC State
  • #34 New Hampshire
  • #22 Iowa State

Baton Rouge Regional

  • #3 LSU
  • #6 Utah
  • #11 Minnesota
  • #13 Auburn
  • #17 BYU
  • #20 Arkansas
  • #21 Arizona State
  • #35 George Washington
  • #36 Lindenwood

Corvallis Regional

  • #4 Florida
  • #5 Denver
  • #12 Boise State
  • #15 Oregon State
  • #18 Washington
  • #24 Southern Utah
  • #25 Stanford
  • #32 Iowa
  • #33 Arizona

Ann Arbor Regional Individual Qualifiers

  • All-Around – Mary Jane Otto, Illinois
  • All-Around – Denelle Pedrick, Central Michigan
  • All-Around – Karen Howell, Illinois
  • All-Around – Emili Dobronics, Eastern Michigan
  • Vault – Kasey Meeks, Illinois
  • Vault – Kayla Baddeley, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Vault – Allie Smith, Eastern Michigan
  • Vault – Riley Mahoney, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Uneven Bars – Serena Baker, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Uneven Bars – Cortney Bezold, Eastern Michigan
  • Uneven Bars – Gianna Plaksa, Central Michigan
  • Uneven Bars – Dara Williams, Kent State
  • Balance Beam – Mia Lord, Northern Illinois
  • Balance Beam – Shaylah Scott, Illinois
  • Balance Beam – Emerson Hurst, Towson
  • Balance Beam – Mary Elle Arduino, Towson
  • Floor Exercise – Anna Martucci, Northern Illinois
  • Floor Exercise – Abby Fletcher, Kent State
  • Floor Exercise – Kylie Noonan, Illinois
  • Floor Exercise – Alisa Sheremeta, University of Illinois at Chicago

Athens Regional Individual Qualifiers

  • All-Around – Danielle Mulligan, New Hampshire
  • All-Around – Rachael Underwood, Western Michigan 
  • Vault – Khazia Hislop, North Carolina
  • Vault – Drew Grantham, NC State
  • Vault – Mikayla Robinson, North Carolina
  • Vault – Ariana Castrence, Temple
  • Vault – Alexa Phillips, NC State 
  • Vault – Nicole O’Leary, New Hampshire
  • Uneven Bars – Lauren Kent, NC State
  • Uneven Bars – Jessica Wang, Yale
  • Uneven Bars – Mei Li Costa, Brown
  • Uneven Bars – Morgan Spence, Western Michigan
  • Balance Beam – Khazia Hislop, North Carolina
  • Balance Beam – Monica Servidio, Temple
  • Balance Beam – Brittany West, Pittsburgh
  • Floor Exercise – Khazia Hislop, North Carolina
  • Floor Exercise – Belle Huang, Rutgers
  • Floor Exercise – India Anderson, Temple
  • Floor Exercise – Alexa Phillips, NC State

Baton Rouge Individual Qualifiers

  • All-Around – Alex Zois, George Washington
  • All-Around – Jovannah East, Bowling Green
  • All-Around – Lea Mitchell, Michigan State
  • Vault – Julianna Roland, Bridgeport
  • Vault – Stefanie Schweikert, Ball State
  • Vault – Lauren DeMeno, Bowling Green
  • Vault – Marissa Nychyk, Ball State
  • Uneven Bars – Kathryn Doran, Bridgeport
  • Uneven Bars – Jessica Ling, Michigan State
  • Balance Beam – Hannah Cohen, George Washington
  • Balance Beam – Courtney Mitchell, Lindenwood (Missouri)
  • Balance Beam – Erin Alderman, Texas Woman’s University
  • Floor Exercise – Gabriella Douglas, Michigan State
  • Floor Exercise – Kaitlyn Menzione, Ball State
  • Floor Exercise – Anna Kaziska, Southeast Missouri State

Corvallis Individual Qualifiers

  • All-Around – Madison Ward-Sessions, Utah State
  • All-Around – Taylor Chan, San Jose State  
  • All-Around – Kelley Hebert, UC Davis
  • Vault – Maddi Leydin, Arizona
  • Vault – Heather Swanson, Arizona
  • Uneven Bars – Christina Berg, Arizona
  • Uneven Bars – Anna Salamone, Air Force
  • Uneven Bars – Nicole Chow, Iowa
  • Uneven Bars – MaKayla Bullitt, Utah State
  • Uneven Bars – Danielle Spencer, Arizona
  • Uneven Bars – Jax Kranitz, Iowa
  • Balance Beam – Sophia Hyderally, Alaska Anchorage
  • Balance Beam – Clair Kaji, Iowa
  • Balance Beam – Autumn DeHarde, Utah State
  • Balance Beam – Haylie Hendrickson, Arizona
  • Balance Beam – Alyssa Ito, UC Davis
  • Balance Beam – Yasmine Yektaparast, UC Davis
  • Floor Exercise – Lauren Guerin, Iowa
  • Floor Exercise – Christina Berg, Arizona
  • Floor Exercise – Clair Kaji, Iowa
  • Floor Exercise – Maddi Leydin, Arizona
  • Floor Exercise – Autumn DeHarde, Utah State

Sunisa Lee Wins Floor Silver, Simone Biles Breaks More Records

The second day of event finals had so many memorable moments it was difficult to narrow down the biggest headlines of the day. Although there were many more exciting moments, here are the three biggest headlines of the day from the final day of the 2019 World Championships. 

Simone Biles, Carlos Yulo Make History In Worlds Event Finals

The first day of event finals at the 2019 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships was historic and exciting for both the men and women. Simone Biles continued to set new records as she added to her record-breaking medal haul with vault gold. Carlos Yulo became the first Philippine gymnastics world champion with his win on floor. 

Worlds Men's All-Around: Nagornyy Wins, Mikulak Narrowly Misses Podium

The top 24 qualifying men competed in artistic gymnastics all-around finals at the 2019 World Championships, and the competition was an exciting one down to the very last minute. Here are the top three headlines from this competition! 

Simone Biles Makes History With Fifth World All-Around Title

Winning her 22nd World Championship medal, Simone Biles earned women's all-around gold at the 2019 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships with a score of 58.999. Tang Xijing of China and Angelina Melnikova of Russia were the silver and bronze medalists, respectively.

Russia Wins Its First Men's Team Gold At World Championships

The men’s team final at the 2019 World Championships caused a ton of excitement as the top eight teams came together and battled it out for the title. Here are the top three headlines from this competition, which was close all the way to the finish. 

USA Women Triumph In Gymnastics Team Finals Again

The first medals of the 2019 Artistic Gymnastics Championships were awarded today with the women's team gold going to Team USA for the fifth consecutive World Championships. But that's not the only top story of today's competition.

Top Storylines From Men's Qualification Day 2 At Worlds

Day Two of men’s artistic gymnastics qualifications certainly had its surprises, but now that all the dust has settled, teams, all-arounders, and event finals are decided and the men are preparing for finals on Wednesday. 

Russia & Chinese Taipei Lead The Headlines For Men's Day One At Worlds

The men's competition has officially started in Stuttgart for the 2019 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships. Although the men have competed only one day so far, it has already been an eventful meet.

T&T Gymnasts Soared At Valladolid World Cup

The 2019 Valladolid World Cup took place this weekend, and these T&T gymnasts soared high towards huge scores! Some of the world’s best competed there, and it was an exciting weekend for all. 

USA Women Finish First In Qualifications At Gymnastics World Championships

The last six subdivisions for women’s artistic gymnastics qualifications were today, giving us who will advance to the all-around, event, and team finals. There was a ton of action in the arena, but here are the top three biggest headlines from day two.