Event Finals Qualifiers - 2018 Junior Pan American Championships

Below are the gymnasts who qualified for the individual event finals at the 2018 Junior Pan American Championships, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The finals will be held Friday, June 15. The top eight gymnasts on each event, with a maximum of two gymnasts per country, qualify for event finals. 


1. Tori Tatum, USA - 14.45

2. Leanne Wong, USA - 14.075

3. Hillary Heron Soto, PAN - 13.6

4. Sabrina Cortes Medrano, COL - 13.575

5. Mia St. Pierre, CAN - 13.4

6. Luisa Sa Silva, BRA - 13.275

7. Imogen Paterson, CAN - 13.25

8. Luna Fernandez, ARG - 12.975

*Jordan Bowers scored a 14.05 but does not qualify for finals due to the two per country rule.


1. Jordan Bowers, USA - 13.7

2. Zoe Allaire-Bourgie, CAN - 13.6

3. Leanne Wong, USA - 13.15

4. Olivia Araujo Bagu, ARG - 12.4

5. Imogen Paterson, CAN - 12.1

6. Paulina Vargas Facio, MEX - 11.65

7. Abigail Magistrati, ARG - 11.65

8. Christal Silva E Bezerra, BRA - 11.55

*JaFree Scott scored a 12.8, Tori Tatum a 12.7, and Emma Spence a 12.1 but did not qualify due to the two per country rule.


1. Leanne Wong, USA - 13.7

2. Jordan Bowers, USA - 13.2

3. Zoe Allaire-Bourgie, CAN - 13.15

4. Emma Spence, CAN - 12.95

5. Ana Luiza Araujo Dos Santos, BRA - 12.75

6. Louise Lopez Sanchez, MEX - 12.65

7. Abigail Magistrati, ARG - 12.6

8. Luisa Da Silva, BRA - 12.3

*JaFree Scott scored a 12.55 and Imogen Paterson scored a 12.4 but did not qualify due to the two per country rule.


1. Jordan Bowers, USA - 13.2

2. Zoe Allaire-Bourgie, CAN - 13.1

3. Tori Tatum, USA - 12.8

4. Paulina Vargas Facio, MEX - 12.5

5. Luna Fernandez, ARG - 12.45

6. Mia St. Pierre, CAN - 12.4

7. Daniela Briceno Nieves, MEX - 12.15

8. Brisa Carraro, ARG - 12.1

After ESPYS, A Look Back At Aly Raisman's Statement During Nassar Trial

At the ESPYS last night in Los Angeles, nearly 150 gymnasts and survivors of the abuse of Larry Nassar stood proudly on the stage and accepted the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the close of the ceremony. Former gymnasts Aly Raisman, Sarah Klein, and Jordyn Wieber were among those who received the award at the Microsoft Theater in downtown LA. 

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Simone Biles is back. 

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The Vault: Future Florida Gator Trinity Thomas Finds Success In Tokyo

How Long Can You Stand It with Trinity Thomas

Back in 2016, we spoke with Trinity Thomas about one of the dreams she had as a young gymnast: to compete in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Whether she participates in the next Games or not, the University of Florida-bound Thomas has already found some success in Tokyo. The York, Pennsylvania, product secured an all-around silver medal at the Tokyo World Cup in April. 

5 Routines That Impressed Us At The 2018 American Classic

Last weekend, the American Classic in Salt Lake City gave us our first look at some new elites and new routines for the 2018 season. Usually held closed-door at the Karolyi Ranch, this year the American Classic was open to the public at the University of Utah campus and also live-streamed by USA Gymnastics on YouTube. Some gymnasts used the meet as a tune-up or event to get experience, while others were going all out looking to qualify to this year’s U.S. Championships in August. 

DiCello, Jones Lead Top Difficulty & Execution At The 2018 American Classic

The 2018 American Classic took place over the weekend in Salt Lake City, with 10 juniors and seven seniors qualifying to the U.S. Championships in August. Junior Kayla DiCello from Hill’s Gymnastics won the junior all-around with the highest score of the entire competition, a 55.400, while Shilese Jones from Future Gymnastics won the senior all-around with a 53.900. 

Kayla DiCello Takes Junior AA Title At 2018 American Classic

Hill's Gymnastics' Kayla DiCello took the top spot today for the juniors at the 2018 American Classic in Salt Lake City, totaling a  huge 55.400 in the all-around, the highest score out of both the juniors and seniors. 

Ava San Jose, Mya Witte Victorious At 2018 Hopes Classic

An exciting weekend of gymnastics began on Friday in Salt Lake City, with young gymnasts from across the nation showing some stunning routines. Find out what you missed below. 

National Team Members & Top Elites Headline 2018 American Classic

The 2018 American Classic will take place Saturday, July 7, in Salt Lake City, and provide an opportunity for gymnasts to qualify for the 2018 U.S. Championships in August. Junior and senior elites will be competing and be aiming to reach a certain score in either the all-around, on three events, or on two events in order to qualify. Seniors must score a 52.0 in the all-around, 39.75 on three events, or 27.0 on two events. Juniors must hit a 51.0 in the all-around.