Photo Gallery: Gymnastike's First Coverage

Photo Gallery: Gymnastike's First Coverage

Photos from Gymnastike's first trip to Houston Gymnastics Club with Coach Alexander Alexandrov and the Houston Gymnastics Academy.

Jul 25, 2008 by Anne Phillips
Photo Gallery: Gymnastike's First Coverage
Gymnastike's very first trip was to Houston, Texas where I visited Houston Gymnastics Club and the Houston Gymnastics Academy. 

The HGC coaching staff is made up of legendary Russian coach Alexander Alexandrov, and Bulgarian Olympians Deliana Vodenitcharova and Roumen Yordanov. We filmed a workout with their top athletes including Jessie Jordan and Erin Lewallen. 

HGA is owned by USA Men's Head Olympic Coach Kevin Mazeika and boasts a strong men's program, including Sean Golden and up-and-coming U.S. Junior Tyler Mizoguchi. 

Check out photos in the gym with both teams from our July 2008 visit. 

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