2014 NCAA Womens Gymnastics Championships

Preview: NCAA Floor Finals

Preview: NCAA Floor Finals

Apr 15, 2014 by Keri Monstrola
Preview: NCAA Floor Finals

With a total of 9 gymnasts scoring a perfect 10 this year on floor exercise, the floor final is expected to extremely competitive.  Due to the high skill level and performance value this season, there seems to be no clear cut favorite in this event final competition. 

Kytra Hunter (Florida)
Raking: #1
RQS: 9.975

Kytra Hunter is ranked number one in the country on floor with an average score of 9.958. Hunter has scored a total of 5 perfect 10s this season on the floor. Kytra’s floor routine is highlighted with a huge double layout along with great dance and performance value. Hunter is looking to prove her number one ranking by bringing home a national title on floor. Kytra has won a total of 10 floor titles this year inlcuding the regional floor title for the third consecutive year with a 9.95. Watch for Hunter to help her team rebound for a disapointing team performance at regionals with a big performance this weekend at nationals. 

Haley Scaman (Oklahoma)
Ranking: #2
RQS: 9.970

Haley Scaman is ranked number two in the country on floor with an average score of 9.933. Scaman has scored two perfect 10s this season for the Sooners. Scaman brings big tumbling and dynamic dance to her floor routine that makes it hard to take your eyes off her routine. KJ Kindler has done an amazing job with OU's coreography and Scaman's routine is a great example of that. Look for Scaman to go big with her floor routine to bring home a title for the Sooners. 

Georgia Dabritz (Utah)
Ranking: T3
RQS: 9.943

Georgia Dabritz scored the first perfect 10 of her career on floor this year. Dabritz is ranked number three in the country on floor with an average score of 9.943. Dabritz brings a high level of difficulty within her tumbling to her floor routine and has great execution. Dabritz is amoung one of the few gymnasts who opens her floor routine with an E level pass (piked full in), and finishes with an E level pass (triple full). Dabritz hopes her huge skills will be beneficial to help her winning a national title on floor exercise. 

Lloimincia Hall (LSU)
Ranking: T3
RQS: 9.935

Lloimincia Hall has been getting a lot of national attention lately after her floor routine went viral. Hall has been getting interviews with Good Morning America and thousands of hits on facebook due to her entergetic floor routine. She is looking to back up the support with a national floor title. She is ranked third in the country with an average score of 9.935. She has scored 3 perfect 10s this season. Hall brings a unique performance and pizzazz to the floor every time she performs. Llomincia Hall is one to watch this weekend as the whole arena will have their eyes on her floor routine. 

Bridget Sloan (Florida)
Ranking: T5
RQS: 9.945

The Florida sophomore is ranked number five in the country with an average score of 9.930. Sloan scored her first perfect 10 this season on the floor exercise. Sloan brings exquisite execution to her floor routine along with strong tumbling. This season Sloan has won three floor titles for the Gators. As just a sophomore Bridget is looking to add another national title to her already impressive resume. Sloan is a fierce competitor and will be looking to rebound after regionals with strong performances on all four events for the Gators. Sloan is another gymnast to watch for the floor title.  

Joanna Sampson (Michigan)
Ranking: T8
RQS: 9.940

The defending NCAA floor champion has an average score of 9.927 this season. Sampson scored her first career 10 on floor this year at the Big 10 Championships. Sampson will look to close out her career on a high note and defend her national title. Sampson’s floor routine is highlighted with a huge double layout to open her routine. Joanna is continuing to impress with her strong tumbling and great landings this season. 

Other Possible Contenders: 
Emily Wong- Nebraska
Lindsay Mable- Minnesota
Katherine Grable- Arkansas

Rank First Name Last Name FX RQS Team Region Ave High
1 Kytra Hunter 9.975 Florida SE 9.958 10.000
2 Haley Scaman 9.970 Oklahoma SC 9.933 10.000
3 Georgia DABRITZ 9.965 Utah NC 9.943 10.000
- Lloimincia Hall 9.965 L.S.U. C 9.935 10.000
5 Emily Wong 9.945 Nebraska SC 9.930 10.000
- Bridget Sloan 9.945 Florida SE 9.930 10.000
- Lindsay Mable 9.945 Minnesota NC 9.913 9.975
8 Sydney Sawa 9.940 UCLA W 9.930 10.000
- Katherine Grable 9.940 Arkansas SC 9.932 9.975
- JOANNA SAMPSON 9.940 Michigan NE 9.927 10.000
11 Rheagan Courville 9.935 L.S.U. C 9.900 9.950
- Nansy DAMIANOVA 9.935 Utah NC 9.920 10.000
13 Diandra Milliner 9.925 Alabama C 9.872 9.950
- Becky TUTKA 9.925 Utah NC 9.885 9.950
15 Kim Jacob 9.920 Alabama C 9.870 9.950

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