Pac Rim Championships - Senior Event Finals Results

Pac Rim Championships - Senior Event Finals Result

Courtesy of USA Gymnastics

USA concludes Kellogg's Pacific Rim Championships with 13 more medals

World Champion Jordyn Wieber won three gold medals at the 2012 Pacific Rim Championships.

EVERETT, Wash., March 18, 2012 – Team USA completed a dominating performance at the 2012 Kellogg's Pacific Rim Championships, winning an impressive 13 medals during the senior event finals competition Sunday night in Comcast Arena at Everett. Over the three days of competition, the United States won a total of 63 medals between men's and women's gymnastics (36), rhythmic gymnastics (18), and men's and women's trampoline (9).

Jake Dalton won floor on Sunday.

Jake Dalton of Reno, Nev./University of Oklahoma, came out of the gates strong for the Americans, winning the floor exercise title with a 15.375 with an Arabian double layout first pass and triple twist dismount. Japan's Tatsuki Nakashima finished second with 15.075 and China's Ran Cheng was third with a 14.575. Chris Brooks of Houston/Team Hilton HHonors (Cypress Gymnastics), finished fourth with a 14.550, opening with a stuck double front pike.

On pommel horse, China's Rongbing Liu won the gold medal with a score of 14.825. Brooks won the silver medal with a strong routine, scoring 14.700. Sam Mikulak of Ann Arbor, Mich./University of Michigan, won the bronze with a score of 14.375.

Brooks nailed a rings routine to score 15.075 with a stuck one-and-a-half twisting double back dismount to win the gold medal. Japan's Takuya Nakase (14.950) and Australia's Joshua Jefferis (14.825) completed the podium in second and third, respectively.

Hong Kong's Wai Hung Shek won the vault title with a score of 15.687. Mikulak earned the silver medal for his vaults, a Kasamatsu double and a front handspring double front, scoring an average 15.562. Canada's Scott Morgan took third with a score of 15.512. Dalton finished fourth with a score of 15.475.

On parallel bars, Jorge Giraldo of Colombia won the title with a score of 15.150. Ran Cheng of China took second with a score of 14.850. Mikulak, whose routine includes a Diamidov to Stutz to double pike dismount, took third with a score of 14.625.

In the final event of the competition, the high bar, the USA finished out the competition in style, grabbing another gold and silver medal. Brooks won the event with a 15.450, flying high on his Yamawaki to Gienger combination before sticking his layout double double dismount. Mikulak, who medaled on all four events on which he competed today, dazzled the crowd with a huge Kolman release move and a stuck double twisting double layout of his own for a 15.175 and the silver.

"Being at the Kellogg's Pacific Rim and competing for Team USA has been a lot of fun," Mikulak said. "I just wanted to come here and hit my sets – and that's exactly what I did."

China's Liu Rongbing won the bronze on high bar, scoring 14.850.

In women's vault, Japan's Wakiko Ryu, who competed a Yurchenko double full for her first vault, won the title with a score of 14.062. Hong Kong's Hiu Ying Angel Wong earned the silver with a 13.875 and Japan's Risa Konishi took bronze with a score of 13.587.

Gabrielle Douglas of Virginia Beach, Va./Chow's Gymnastics and Dance, won the uneven bars title, scoring 15.150 for her routine that included a Lin pirouette to L-grip Endo and piked and straddled Tkatchevs. Kyla Ross of Aliso Viejo, Calif./Gym-Max, won the silver medal with a toe-on Shaposhnikova half twist and a stuck double layout to earn a 15.050. China's Lou Peiru finished third (14.700).

Douglas said, "It felt great to win bars and go home with the gold. I had a rough competition on Friday, so I'm really excited and proud. It's a little bit of redemption for me."

Ross won the balance beam title with a solid routine, scoring 15.375, complete with a switch ring leap to back tuck, a front aerial to back handspring, layout step out series and a double tuck dismount.

Ross said, "I came out strong and had a good first senior meet. I didn't realize I won beam because I was last on beam and first on floor. I was happy when I learned I won beam."

Canada's Christine Lee was second on beam with a score of 15.300, and China's Sixin Tan won bronze with a score of 15.050. Jordyn Wieber of DeWitt, Mich./Gedderts' Twistars USA, who earlier won the Kellogg's Pacific Rim Championships all-around title, finished sixth with a score of 13.700.

Wieber rebounded on the floor exercise, easily executing a double twisting, double back mount to take the title with a 15.125. Canada's Lee won the silver, while Ross scored a 14.375 on floor using a double Arabian to stag jump for her mount.

Wieber said, "I'm really excited to win floor. I've been working hard to get my start value higher and also trying to get better execution. Overall, this has been a great competition. Coming out of the meet with gold in the team competition and in the all-around - it was an awesome weekend."

Held every two years, the Pacific Rim Championships were held in Honolulu in 2004 and 2006; San Jose in 2008; and Melbourne, Australia, in 2010. In 2010, the USA won both the men's and women's team titles and three of the all-around titles - John Orozco of the Bronx, N.Y./U.S. Olympic Training Center, junior men; Jordyn Wieber of DeWitt, Mich./Gedderts' Twistars USA, junior women; and Rebecca Bross of Plano, Texas/WOGA, senior women. Past all-around champions include the USA's Paul Hamm, Carly Patterson, and Nastia Liukin.

Here are the full results:

2012 Kellogg’s Pacific Rim Championships – Senior Event Finals

Comcast Arena
Everett, Wash.
March 18, 2012

Floor Exercise
1.  Jake Dalton, Reno, Nev., 15.375 - video
2.  Tatsuki Nakashima, Japan, 15.075
3.  Ran Cheng, China, 14.575
4.  Chris Brooks, Houston, Texas, 14.550
5.  Anderson Loran, Canada, 14.525
6.  Rongbing Liu, China, 14.350
7.  Joshua Jefferis, Australia, 14.325
8.  Robert Watson, Canada, 13.700

Pommel Horse
1.  Rongbing Liu, China, 14.825
2.  Chris Brooks, Houston, Texas, 14.700
3.  Sam Mikulak, Ann Arbor, Mich., 14.375
4.  Peng Wang, China, 13.000
5.  Anderson Loran, Canada, 12.775
6.  I-Hsiang Chen, Chinese Taipei, 12.600
7.  Thomas Pichler, Australia, 12.400
8.  Wai Hung Shek, Hong Kong, China, 12.200

Chris Brooks won four gold medals in Everett 

Still Rings
1.  Chris Brooks, Houston, Texas, 15.075 - video
2.  Takuya Nakase, Japan, 14.950
3.  Joshua Jefferis, Australia, 14.825
4.  Scott Morgan, Canada, 14.675
5.  Daniil Kazachkov, Russia, 14.625
6.  Mikhail Bodnar, Russia, 14.300
7.  Samuel Offord, Australia, 14.225
8.  Jake Dalton, Reno, Nev., 14.125

1.  Wai Hung Shek, Hong Kong, China, 15.687
2.  Sam Mikulak, Ann Arbor, Mich., 15.562
3.  Scott Morgan, Canada, 15.512
4.  Jake Dalton, Reno, Nev., 15.475
5.  Santos Martinez, Mexico, 14.750
6.  Mikhail Bodnar, Russia, 14.712
7.  Kam Wah Liu, Hong Kong, China, 14.675

Parallel Bars
1.  Jorge Giraldo, Colombia, 15.150
2.  Ran Cheng, China, 14.850
3.  Sam Mikulak, Ann Arbor, Mich., 14.625
4.  Joshua Jefferis, Australia, 14.575
5.  Chris Brooks, Houston, Texas, 14.400
6.  Rodolfo Bonilla, Mexico, 12.425
7.  Peng Wang, China, 12.275
8.  Tatsuki Nakashima, Japan, 11.575

Horizontal Bar
1.  Chris Brooks, Houston, Texas, 15.450
2.  Sam Mikulak, Ann Arbor, Mich., 15.175
3.  Rongbing Liu, China, 14.850
4.  Wai Hung Shek, Hong Kong, China, 14.725
5.  Takuya Nakase, Japan, 13.275
6.  Thomas Pichler, Australia, 12.950
7.  Joshua Jefferis, Australia, 12.550
8.  Rodolfo Bonilla, Mexico, 11.950

1.  Wakiko Ryu, Japan, 14.062
2.  Hiu Ying Angel Wong, Hong Kong, China, 13.875
3.  Risa Konishi, Japan, 13.587
4.  Yu-Chun Chen, Chinese Taipei, 12.725
5.  Ka Man Leung, Hong Kong, China, 12.687
6.  Chia-Jung Tsai, Chinese Taipei, 12.137

Uneven Bars
1.  Gabrielle Douglas, Virginia Beach, Va., 15.150
2.  Kyla Ross, Aliso Viejo, Calif., 15.050
3.  Peiru Luo, China, 14.700
4.  Christine Lee, Canada, 14.600
4.  Chunsong Shang, China, 14.600
6.  Emily Little, Australia, 13.600
6.  Kristina Vaculik, Canada, 13.600
8.  Wakiko Ryu, Japan, 12.700

Balance Beam
1.  Kyla Ross, Aliso Viejo, Calif., 15.375
2.  Christine Lee, Canada, 15.300
3.  Sixin Tan, China, 15.050
4.  Chunsong Shang, China, 13.875
5.  Lauren Mitchell, Australia, 13.750
6.  Jordyn Wieber, DeWitt, Mich., 13.700
7.  Kristina Vaculik, Canada, 12.825
8.  Risa Konishi, Japan, 12.600

Floor Exercise
1.  Jordyn Wieber, DeWitt, Mich., 15.125
2.  Christine Lee, Canada, 14.575
3.  Kyla Ross, Aliso Viejo, Calif., 14.375
4.  Peiru Luo, China, 14.025
5.  Lauren Mitchell, Australia, 13.450
6.  Victoria Moors, Canada, 13.250
7.  Sixin Tan, China, 13.200
8.  Emily Little, Australia, 13.100

Link to Event Finals Results: Sr. Women | Sr. Men

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