NCAA Women's Gymnastics Attendance Rankings

NCAA Women's Gymnastics Attendance Rankings

Apr 29, 2011 by College Rankings
NCAA Women's Gymnastics Attendance Rankings
The NCAA women's gymnastics meet attendance rankings are out on gyminfo. Take a look at the top 20 below. 

Rank Team Name Average
1 Utah 13501.33
2 Alabama 12730.00
3 Georgia 9261.83
4 Florida 6126.60
5 Oregon State 4275.40
6 UCLA 3586.00
7 Auburn 3582.60
8 Southern Utah 3164.17
9 L.S.U. 2990.00
10 Michigan 2762.00
11 Arkansas 2384.40
12 Kentucky 2306.60
13 Iowa State 2005.83
14 North Carolina State 1930.50
15 Denver 1911.20
16 North Carolina 1636.50
17 Penn State 1635.50
18 Oklahoma 1622.20
19 Boise State 1574.00
20 Minnesota 1556.33

Utah broke their own record again this year with an incredible 15,558 people attending their dual meet with Florida which also happened to be Senior Night in Salt Lake. Alabama was not far behind with 15,075 at one home meet. University of Georgia's Stageman Colloseum holds 10,523 and they nearly maxed it out at one meet this season with 9,930 fans. 

At the bottom of the rankings was a team who averaged only 50 fans. Why such a large disparity between Utah, Alabama, Georgia, and the rest? It doesn't just happen. The coaches work at it. 

As former Georgia coach Suzanne Yoculan said in this interview below, people forget that programs like Georgia used to operate on little to no budget. When Suzanne arrived in Athens she built the Gym Dog fan base one person at a time. Hear Suzanne talk about how it was done:

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