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Gabby Douglas Film in the Works

Sep 16 - 1 Comment

Sony Pictures Television is set to produce a Lifetime Original Movie, The Gabby Douglas Story. Gabby Douglas is the reigning All Around Olympic Champion and was a member of the Fierce Five USA Gymnast...
Double fulls on floor

Mar 30 - 0 Comments

Amy B (37 years old): First time doing double fulls on the REAL floor in over 23 years! I am SUPER excited to get this skill back!!!!
Fierce Five Inspire Adult Gymnasts!

Oct 31 - 2 Comments

Adult gymnastics flips into the New York Times! Germany's 86-year-old Johanna Quaas performs and exhibition routine at the 2012 Cottbus World Cup in Germany.   Photo: The New Yo...
Jenny Hansen - 38-year-old Olympic hopeful!

Apr 30 - 0 Comments

More on 38-year-old Jenny Hansen's comeback. Find out who inspired her to start training again, at age 37! Hear how her training is going from her and her coach, and see footage of her as an NCAA su...
Training Flips!

Apr 3 - 0 Comments

Trained the three types of body positions in the pit. A tuck, pike and layout. I need to work on having better form and body position on my front layout and point my toes for all of them, but I am so...
OU (Amy Robertson) - Alumni

Apr 1 - 0 Comments

Had a proper start value this week so I only scored a 4.5 (5.4 last week with the wrong SV) but I am happy with how it went! I'm gonna get that kip soon!
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