Adult Gymnastics Meet - Capital Gymnastics, Burke, VA, October 1, 2011

Adult Gymnastics Meet - Capital Gymnastics, Burke, VA, October 1, 2011
On Saturday, October 1, 2011, the adult gymnastics class at Capital Gymnastics in Burke, VA hosted a fun, laid back adult gymnastics meet for adult gymnasts of all ages and abilities. All meet profits went to the Special Olympics, and we were very lucky to have a special floor exhibition by a Special Olympics competitor at the beginning of the meet. Competitors ranged in ages from 21 to 50 years young. They came to Virginia from as close as Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia, and as far away as Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Experience levels ranged from those who began gymnastics while in diapers to those who had recently learned their first cartwheel. Among these amazing adult athletes were: - Three members of University of Maryland's famous Gymkana, an exhibition gymnastics/acrobatic troupe that made it to the semi finals on America's Got Talent this summer. - Maryland's oldest competing gymnast, a 40-something former elite, mother of two, who competes in level 9 against kids more than half her age during the regular season. - Five members of Upper Merion's competitive adult gymnastics team in Pennsylvania. To our knowledge, they are the only team of their kind in PA, and perhaps far beyond. - A forty-something mother of six, who has the same coach as some of her kids. - A forty-something mother of 13-year-old triplets, who started gymnastics a year and a half ago. - A 30-something former 6-year member of Honduras' national team. - Gymnasts who began gymnastics as far away as Japan, Mexico, Canada, and Honduras. One of them accepted a job in the US only after confirming that she could continue in gymnastics in the DC area! Special thank you to our Gymnastike videographers for this event: Laura Coon, Helen Rajpar, Grace Chou, and Ushma Parikh. Special thank you also to Coach Carlos and all our wonderful judges and volunteers, who made this meet possible! For more on adult gymnastics, please visit Gymnastike's adult gymnastics page,
Gymkana (Jarel) - exhibition

Oct 3, 2011 by Marina

Watch Jarel's exhibition beam routine at the adult meet at Capital in Burke, VA on 10/1/11. Jarel's routine featur...
First Class (Tina)

Oct 3, 2011 by Marina

42-year-old gymnast Tina Wise competing beam during the October 2011 adult gymnastics meet hosted by Capital Gymnas...

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