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World Champions Crowned on Floor, Vault, Pommel Horse, Uneven Bars, and Rings

World Champions Crowned on Floor, Vault, Pommel Horse, Uneven Bars, and Rings

New individual World Champions were crowned today in the first of 2 rounds of Event Finals in Tokyo. Below are the results for each apparatus, as well as my live blog for each event. Congratulations to the new 2011 World Champions! 

1. Kohei Uchimura JPN 15.633
2. Zou Kai CHN 15.500
3. Diego Hypolito BRA 15.466
3. Alexander Shatilov ISR 15.466
5. Steven Legendre USA 15.400  -  Video interview
6. Flavius Koczi ROU 15.333 
6. Tomas Gonzalez Sepulveda CHI 15.333 
8. Jake Dalton USA 15.133  -  Video interview
Quick hits: (to read in chronological order, begin at the bottom)

Amazing Floor final! Not even a fall! Tough competition.
1 Uchimura 15.633, 2 Zou 15.50, 3T Hypolito & Shatilov 15.466, 5 Legendre 15.40, 6T Koczi & Gonzalez, 8 Dalton
Shatilov of Israel wins a medal and advances to the Olympics!! 15.466 (6.70/8.766). BRONZE
Shatilov FX: Double full in pike! whip+tucked thomas. Stuck full in dismount! He's pumped!
Score for Zou Kai: 15.50 (6.90/8.60). That puts him 2nd. Legendre is officially knocked out of the medals. Bummer
Yep, we stand corrected. Actual score for Uchimura: 15.633 (6.70/8.933). He is now in 1st place with 1 guy to go.
There's an inquiry on Uchimura's score. Perhaps that was a triple double first pass? I thought I saw double double. Interesting....
Zou FX: lay out dbl dbl, fights for stick, step forward. back 1.5+front tuck full landed in a low squat. Whip+lay thomas. Full in, step.
Uchimura score: 15.433 (6.50/8.933). Puts him in 2nd, knocks Legendre to 3rd. Hypolito still 1st. Here comes reigning Olympic champ Zou Kai
Only 2 guys remain: Zou Kai and Alexander Shatilov
That was a different routine than what he did in qualifying. Left out his piked double arabian half out, which he's stuck every time here
Uchimura FX: tucked double double, chest low. stuck side pass. clean through combo twisting. tucked thomas. triple twist, hop back
Score for Gonzalez: 15.333 (6.50/8.833). He's tied for 3rd with Koczi. Uchimura is next. Japanese crowd going nuts already
Gonzalez FX: Stuck tucked double double 1st pass! Whip+tucked thomas. And layed out thomas. He's very clean. Triple twist. Excellent job
Koczi score: 15.333 (6.70/8.633) He's in 3rd for now. Tomas Gonzales of Chile is next.
Koczi FX: A routine packed with big combo twisting. 3.5+front tuck full, amazing. Triple twist dismount, slight hop
Legendre FX score: 15.40 (6.80/8.60). He's right behind Hypolito
Legendre FX: HUGE 2.5 twisting double (open tuck). Near stick. Hypolito slight hop. Front dbl twist+front full. pike double arabian. GREAT!
Score for Dalton on FX: 15.133 (6.60/8.633/-0.1)
Big tumbling and a hit routine for Dalton, but the out of bounds and a couple landing errors will likely prevent a medal
Dalton FX: big laid out dbl arabian, step oob. darn. whip+tucked thomas. stuck back 2.5+front full. Triple twist, hop back.
15.466 for Hypolito (6.80/8.666). Dalton is next
Hypolito FX: whip+pike dbl arabian stick! big hop out of combo twisting. Tucked thomas side pass. Layout thomas, clean. Triple dismount.
FX Finals will go in this order: Hypolito, Dalton, Legendre, Koczi, Gonzalez, Uchimura, Zou, and Shatilov
Men's floor is up 1st and Jake Dalton is in!! Former World Champion Marian Dragulescu has scratched. 

There are a total of 12 World and Olympic floor medals combined with this group of finalists. Should be an amazing competition. 
1. McKayla Maroney USA 15.300  -  video interview
2. Oksana Chusovitina GER 14.733  -  video interview
3. Thi Ha Thanh Phan VIE 14.666
4. Jade Fernandes Barbosa BRA 14.566
5. Gulia Steingruber SUI 14.450
6. Tatiana Nabieva RUS 14.349
7. Alexa Moreno Medino MEX 14.216
Quick hits:
This is the 3rd straight World Vault Gold medal for the USA women! Kayla Williams in 2009, @ASac3 in 2010, and @McKaylaMaroney 2011!
And with that Thi Ha Thanh Phan of Vietnam has qualified to the 2012 Olympics! How exciting!
1 Maroney 15.30, 2 Chusovitina 14.733, 3 Phan 14.666, 4 Barbosa, 5 Steingruber, 6 Nabieva, 7 Moreno, 8 Pena
Congrats to @McKaylaMaroney! 2011 World Vault Champion!
Chuso VT2 score: 14.733. Silver medal
Chusovitina VT2: tsuk 1.5 small hop forward, and she even did a slight college stick by throwing her head back. Love it!
Chuso VT1 score: 15.066 (6.30/8.766)
Chusovitina VT1: handspring rudi, nice power off the table. Can you believe she is 36 years old!?! Amazing.
Score for Steingruber VT2: 14.400 (5.20/8.80). She's in 4th place. Only Chusovitina remains!
Steingruber VT1 score - 14.90 (6.30/8.60). They called it layout. VT 2: tsuk full. Again slightly piked in the air.
Steingruber VT1: handpsring rudi. I'm thinking they'll credit her for a pike, tough call... Big step
14.80 (5.60/9.20) for Maroney's second vault. Average = 15.30. She is in 1st with 2 gymnasts to go
Maroney VT2: yurchenko 1/2 on, layout half off. Super clean, nearly stuck it. Looking like a gold to me!
Maroney VT1: her usual, HUGE, amanar vault. went for the stick. Took 1 step back. 15.80 (6.50/9.30)
Pena VT 2: terrifying. Just terrifying. Handspring double front straight to her back
13.900 for Pena VT 1 (5.30/8.600). Prepping for vt2, crowd is getting loud....
Pena VT1: yurchenko 1.5 landed with legs locked. Quick turn to salute. Guess the handspring double front is next...
Yamilet Pena is next. Im nervous to see this handspring double!
Nabieva VT2: yurchekno half on, pike half off. Basically stuck it. 14.349 (5.20/8.933). Average = 14.349, 3rd for now
Nabieva is wearing a green leo again. Same one as podium training if I remember correctly
Nabieva (RUS) VT1: played it safe with just a DTY. Legs crazy in the air, as usual. Lots of power, step back. 14.566 (5.8/8.766)
Score for Phan VT 2: 14.866 (5.80/8.933). Average = 14.666, in 1st for now
Jake Barbosa is being tended to off the podium. Looks like a sprained ankle. Poor girl. At least she got her 2 vaults in!
Phan VT2: yurchenko double twist, nicely done. 1 step back. Her coach is very happy with that
Score for Phan VT1: 14.60 (5.90/8.70)
Phan VT1: handspring piked rudi, quick leg separation in the air. 1 step on landing
Average for Barbosa is 14.566. Phan of Vietnam is next
Barbosa VT2: yurchekno half on, layout half off clean in the air but leg gave out and nearly fell backward. Good save. 14.266 (5.60/8.666)
Jade Barbosa (Brazil) VT1: yurchenko double, well done. She won the silver on vault last year. 14.866 (5.80/9.066)
Moreno VT2: tsuk full, nice and straight in the air but not much distance from the horse. 13.70 (5.20D) = 14.216 Average
Moreno VT1 score: 14.733 (6.30/8.433)
Alexa Moreno (MEX) VT1: wearing a white leo with blue details. Handspring rudi, slightly piked. Step to the side out of the lane
Vault order: Moreno, Barbosa, Phan, Nabieva, Pena, Maroney, Steingruber, Chusovitina

1. Krisztian Berki HUN 15.833
2. Cyril Tommasone FRA 15.266
3. Louis Smith GBR 15.066  -  video interview
4. Vid Hidvegi HUN 15.000
5. Kohei Uchimura JPN 14.533
6. Prashanth Sellathurai AUS 14.333
7. Sasa Bertoncelj SLO 14.266
8. Teng Haibin CHN 14.266
Quick hits:

And that's it! Berki repeats as World Pommel horse Champion with a 15.833. He's also qualified himself to the 2012 Olympic Games!  
Teng PH: excellent one pommel work. Press on one pommel late in the routine. Oh and a fall! He was so close to the end!
Score for Berki: 15.833 (6.70/9.133). 1st place. Amazing! Teng Haibin of China is next
Berki (HUN): big scissor press. Great style and precision. Nails it! Huge routine. Chris Brooks gives a standing ovation
Vid Hidvegi (HUN) - hit routine! 15.00 (6.40/8.60). He is 3rd behind Tommasone and Louis Smith. Defending Champ Berki is next
Two Hungarian guys in today's pommel final. What do they do in Hungary to produce amazing pommel swingers??
Sellathurai scored 14.333 with the fall. (6.60/7.733)
Sellathurai (AUS) - lightening fast circles in between the pommels. Oh no, got his foot stuck on the horse and stopped! He looks stunned.
14.533 for Uchimura with a fall
Got up and finished well, waves to the Japanese crowd. He's also in today's rings final. Busy guy!
Uchimura PH: press up on both pommels, great control. Fall! Weird to see him miss. He's still smiling though!
Score for Tommasone: 15.266 (6.50/8.766). 1st place for now. Uchimura is next, right after his gold on floor.
Tommasone nailed it! Press up on both pommels. Excellent control on the dismount. French team in the stands loves it!
Bertoncelj (SLO) scored 14.266 as the first guy up. Tommasone of France up now. He scored 15.40 in last night's all around final. 
Ah! missed the first 2 routines of pommel horse while in the mixed zone. Smith (GBR) PH: hit until the dismount 15.066 (7.0!/8.066)
1. Viktoria Komova RUS 15.500
2. Tatiana Nabieva RUS 15.00
3. Huang Qiushuang CHN 14,833
4. Jordyn Wieber USA 14.500  -  video interview
5. Gabrielle Douglas USA 14.200
5. Asuka Teramoto JPN 14.066
7. Koko Tsurumi JPN 14.066
8. Youna Dufournet FRA 12.641

Quick Hits:

It's offical - gold for Viktoria Komova! 
Nabieva gets silver! Wieber knocked out of the medals. 15.00 (6.60/8.40)

I miss seeing the Nabieva release, but this routine is smarter. 
Nabieva: stalder full. shaposh+pak to stalder full+ shaposh half. blind to jaeger. half turn. toe full. full in stick. Is it enough??...
With 1 to go its 1 Komova 15.50, 2 Huang 14.833, 3 Wieber 14.50. Can Nabieva hit for a medal?
Dufournet is back up. Gienger. Hit her feet on the low bar on a giant. ouch. Only Nabieva is left to go.
Dufournet UB: big combo: shaposh free hip, stalder full, stalder tkatchev, and fell! Darn!
Wieber scored 14.50 (6.30/8.20). Low execution scores on bars today. She's in 3rd for now
Score for Huang Qiushuang: 14.833 (6.70/8.133). Puts her 2nd behind Komova. Wieber is next.
14.066 for Koko (6.40/7.666). Huang is next
Tsurumi: nice pirouetting, tkatchev. way off center... sideways in a handstand, and STILL connected jager! Fighter! Stuck double lay.
Score for Teramoto: 14.20 (6.30/7.90). She is adorable, by the way
Teramoto: blind full to gienger. pike stalder half to jaeger. blind full to overshoot, toe shoot. double front knees glued together. Good!
Score for Komova: 15.500 (6.70/8.80). Will be tough to beat. Teramoto of Japan is next
Komova UB: shaposh+pak. shaposh 1/2. layed out jaeger. blind full to tkatchev. Shy a handstnd, only visible error so far. Hop on full in.
Score for Douglas 14.200 (6.30/7.90)
Douglas was supposed to connect the tkatchev to the pak, but you wouldn't tell if you didn't know her routine. Finished very well
Douglas UB: inbar stalders. blind full + huge tkatvchev! hit her feet on the low bar. Kip to pak. excellent stalder work. hop on full in.
Gabby is in light purple, and Wieber in a dark purple. Gabby is up 1st
And here come the bars finalists! Competition order: Douglas, Komova, Teramoto, Tsurumi, Huang, Wieber, Dufournet, Nabieva
1. Chen Yibing CHN 15.800
2. Arthur Nabarrete Zanettti BRA 15.600  -  video interview
3. Koji Yamamuro JPN 15.500
4. Matteo Morandi ITA 15.200
5. Yuri Van Gelder NED 14.666
6. Kohei Uchimura JPN 14.633
7. Jonathan Horton USA 14.300  -  video interview
8. Regulo Carmona VEN 14.266
Quick hits (For chronological order read from the bottom):
Yamamuro scored 15.50 (6.70/8.80). BRONZE.
Yamamuro: excellent control on inverted cross, and swings to another inverted cross. wow, this is great. Full twisting double lay but a hop
Carmona scored 14.266 (6.70/7.566). 7th place. Only 1 guy left to go, Yamamuro. Chen still in the lead
Carmona piked down and fell forward on full twisting double layout. Bummer. He still looks happy though! Flashes a smile up to the fans
Morandi hit routine. Got a little shaky on handstand after yamawakis but stuck full twisting double layout. 15.20 (6.80/8.40). 3rd for now
Morandi of Italy is next. He is 2010 rings bronze medalist.
Big strength from Van Gelder. Upped his dismount today, went for a front double pike and sat it down! Only did double lay in prelims. Bet he's regretting that. 
Van Gelder looks like a buff carrot stick in his all orange uniform
Horton scored 14.30 (6.10/8.20)
Horton: great start, long strength holds but looked gassed at the end of the routine. Only a full twisting double tuck dismount
15.600 for Nabarrete (6.50/9.10). He's 2nd behind Chen. Horton up now.
Nabarrete: beastly strong. Great maltese work to start. Straddle planche down to a cross. Full twisting double layout piked down, stick! Awesome! Huge hug from his coach
15.80 for Chen Yibing (6.80/9.00). Big score.
Looks like Chen should win another. Nailed a huge routine. Stuck the full twisting double layout. And kissed the ring tower, just like last year
RT @nrarmour That was hilarious. They just rattled off Chen's titles on rings. Took about five minutes.
Uchimura broke form on rings. The guy must be exhausted. Not even 24 hours after winning all around last night
SR order: Uchimura (JPN), Chen (CHN), Nabarrete (BRA), Horton (USA), Van Gelder (NED), Morandi (ITA), Carmona (VEN), Yamamuro (JPN)
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