Carl Meader Throws Insane High Bar Release

Carl Meader Throws Insane High Bar Release
You know that feeling when you're scrolling through the Instagram feed and then, suddenly, you're frozen in your tracks, mouth agape as you watch something you once thought impossible? Well, we experienced exactly that as we watched Carl Meader throw this insane high bar release.

Before we begin to try to explain this physics-defying move, check it out for yourself below.

This release move has been done in a tucked position and is named a Gaylord. This laid out version is the first we've ever seen. The way he is able to get enough momentum and height from front giants to perform that release is simply incredible.

Washington gymnast Meader is a trickster and a few years ago attempted a quadruple tuck into the pit off the high bar.

Move over Epke and Fabian, here comes Carl Meader!

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