Recruiting 101: Do College Coaches Recruit From The Same Gyms Each Year?

Recruiting 101: Do College Coaches Recruit From The Same Gyms Each Year?
Photo: Christy Ann Linder
Recruiting, from a college coach's perspective, is a business and often referred to as an educated gamble. Therefore, if a club gymnastics coach consistently produces gymnasts who have the skills and the academics needed to succeed at the NCAA level, you will likely see that college coach return to recruit at that gym.

Since some college coaches do not have the budget to travel to many different clubs, they will often feel more comfortable returning to a club they know well. However, that does not mean a gymnast from a "no name" or "new" club isn't going to be recruited or picked by a college coach. There are always many gymnasts who have very successful seasons that do not come from the clubs that seem to produce many top-level 10s and elites.    

Remember, skills drive recruiting. If a gymnast is talented and has the routines needed, college coaches typically will not hesitate to recruit her if everything else they are looking for lines up with their desires.

Some of the reasons college coaches recruit from the same gym:

1.    Coaching technique 

2.    Training style 

3.    Mental preparation

4.     Attitude and passion of a team

5.     Pits and soft landing options

6.    Location near the college

7.    Club coaches relationship with college coach

8.    Club coaches overall philosophy

9.    Fitness level of the team

10.  Conditioning level of the team

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