Kellogg's Tour of Champions: Scooters in The House!

Kellogg's Tour of Champions: Scooters in The
What do you do for four hours before each show on the Kellogg's Tour of Gymnastics Champions? Ride scooters! We are not talking adult scooters, but the small razor scooter you buy for your child. I am not sure which of the guys came up with this idea, but one day it was as if a scooter team had taken over in the venue.

If you are with us before the show, you better be on the look out. Scooters are the favorite form of transportation. Riding around corners at top speeds as well as riding up on your heels at any moment with a ringing bell has become the norm. I have seen many of the girls "trying" to ride these scooters as well as hiding these pesky items.

We have regular scooters, scooters with horns, scooters that are green and scooters that are pink. I often wonder what the weight limit is on these quick forms of transportations meant for small children? You must understand this might be our USA Olympic men's team, but I think deep down they are still big kids at heart. Not only are they enjoying riding these scooters, but occasionally, they decide to throw down the scooter and break into a crazy game of football.

Four to five hours of hanging around a venue before show time has now become a favorite time of being wild and crazy. Zipping around finding cool jumps. I doubt they will be allowed at international competitions in the future, but you never know, lets just hope they hold out for all 40 shows.
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