10 Embarrassing Things Every Gymnast Has Experienced

10 Embarrassing Things Every Gymnast Has Experienced
Below are 10 things every gymnast has experienced that are just plain embarrassing. Add your own in the comments section at the bottom!

1. Getting a huge wedgie during your routine

2. Forgetting to salute before or after your routine

3. Peeling off bars

4. Splitting the beam

5. Standing on the wrong podium place when they call you up for awards

6. Peeing yourself when you front tumble

7. Doing a great routine then tripping on a mat

8. Forgetting your routine in a meet

9. Nailing your beam series then falling off on dance or an easy skill

10. High-fiving a teammate and missing her hands

What are some other embarassing things only gymnasts understand? Add yours in the comments section below.

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