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Results: Simone Grabs Another Gold At 2015 Secret U.S. Classic

Results: Simone Grabs Another Gold At 2015 Secret U.S. Classic

A stacked group of seniors shined in the Sears Centre tonight at the Secret Classic. Simone Biles came out with the title with an all-around score of 62.400, Gabby Douglas took silver with a 60.500 and Maggie Nichols earned the bronze with a 60.000.
In the first rotation, Nichols debuted her Amanar on vault and it was absolutely stunning, scoring a 15.80 to put her in the lead after rotation one. Aly Raisman also competed her first Amanar since London and she landed it solid but a little off center, taking a step to the right for a 15.40. Douglas showed a great 15.40 bar routine to tie with Raisman after one rotation. Biles competed a confident beam set, nailing both of her new skills including a punch front tuck half and a punch front pike, scoring a 15.250. Bailie Key also had a solid beam routine, including an almost stuck handspring stepout two foot double pike dismount. She scored a 14.450.
It was a bit of a rough rotation over on the bars, as there were four falls in a row. Brenna Dowell added back in huge difficulty in her first elite competition since her NCAA freshman campaign, but peeled off the high bar on a Shaposh. With her 6.4 difficulty score, she still scored a 14.350 with the fall.
In rotation two, Biles debuted her new festive floor routine. She stunned the crowd like always with her giant tumbling and was rewarded with a giant score of 16.050 to give her the lead after two rotations. Nichols had a very clean bar set with great Shaposh work for a 14.950, keeping her in second after two. Douglas was notably calm throughout her beam set, settling in and moving through with confidence. She scored a 14.900 and was in third after two rotations. Raisman got through an event she calls her weaker one--bars--but she hit a solid set for a 14.200.

Key also debuted a new floor routine--a very dramatic and expressive set with a new double layout opening pass that she executed very well. She scored a 14.80. Dowell had a great beam set going, including a solid punch front mount and a great full twisting back handspring, but she missed one foot on the punch of her double back dismount and landed on her neck but rolled out of it safely. 
In rotation three, Biles competed a giant Amanar in her typical fashion, as well as a Yurchenko half on front layout half off, giving her a 16.00 and keeping her in the lead. Douglas pleased the crowd with a great new floor routine, showing solid tumbling and expressive dance for a 15.00. Nichols was solid like a rock on beam, earning a 14.450 and coming out of rotation three in third. Raisman also had a very nice beam set for a 15.10, including her lovely punch front work and an almost stuck Patterson dismount. Key showed a nice double twisting Yurchenko on vault, earning her a 14.90.

MyKayla Skinner came up big on vault, competing two different vaults--a Yurchenko half on 1 1/2 twist off and a Yurchenko 2/1. She scored a 15.10. Nia Dennis did a Yurchenko double full and had a bit too much power to control the landing, hopping backwards out of it, but still scored a 15.00. Kyla Ross had a lovely beam set, with her usual long lines and clean form, scoring a 14.550.
In the final rotation, Madison Kocian started out with a phenomenal 15.60 routine, showing clean lines and a beautiful Shaposh to Pak and ended with a big tucked full in. Biles hit a great bar set totaling a 15.10 to easily secure her the title by almost two points. Raisman debuted a huge new tumbling pass of an Arabian double pike to a punch front--she landed a bit under rotated on the Arabian and didn't quite make around the punch front. She finished the routine strong after the fall still scored a 14.350.

Douglas competed a Yurchenko double full that was beautifully done--clean in the air and just the smallest of hops for a 15.200. Nichols showed off a brand new tuck double double opening pass that she nearly stuck, and continued on to complete a lovely routine--combining elegance with big tumbling for a 14.80. Key was the last competitor on bars, finishing up the day with a nicely done set including a stuck full in dismount for a 15.300. 
Full results below via USAG

2015 Secret U.S. Classic Junior Results
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