Something Different - US Gymnasts in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Something Different - US Gymnasts in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Earlier this week, current and former members of the US men's gymnastics National Team got the opportunity of their lifetimes - to hang out with a bunch of lingere models. No joke. 

The guys took part in the latest Victoria Secret fashion show in New York, as reported by 3wiresports

photo by Getty Images on stylebistro

The article on 3wiresports stated this "makes for one of the best advertisements the sport could ever ask for, a reminder that men's gymnastics is for guys who are as tough as steel and that, too, men's gymnastics deserves way, way, way more attention than it usually gets." 

Which is, to over-simplify, once every four years."

I agree. Men's gymnastics is a tough, manly sport and too often it's not perceived that way, not to mention it's completely overshadowed by sports like football and basketball. Granted this is kind of a funny way to display their manliness, but you know it was fun for the guys and they probably made some decent money doing it. Good for them. 

Morgan Hamm (left), David Durante. Background, left to right: Stephen McCain, John Macready, Alexei Bilozertchev and Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana. photo from the Huffington Post.

Who made this all happen? Shane Geraghty, a former high school gymnast who now runs a production and event-management company in New York City called Acroback. Kudos to him. Here's an excerpt from Geraghty's interview with 3wire:

"Obviously Victoria's Secret has the hottest models in the world. To have them interacting with these top gymnasts, and making the gymnasts sexy on the same level the girls are -- that was great.

"The girls would come down the runway and give the guys props, a wink or a high-five. They were very excited about it -- the girls, that is. All that makes gymnastics look cool."

"It was such a great thing for the gymnasts to be able to do something on this scale," he said. "It was great to involve the male gymnastics, who can be overlooked outside of the Olympics. And I hope it gets boys excited to be involved in gymnastics.

photo by Shane Geraghty, posted on 3wiresports

Not your typical day for a male gymnast, but the guys loved it. You can watch the guys on TV when the fashion show is aired on CBS on November 30th. 

The full list of guys in the show are: David Durante, Morgan Hamm, John Macready, Stephen McCain, Sasha Artemev, Alexei Bilozertchev, Chris Brooks, Wes Haagensen and Derek Shepard.

Check out the full article and quotes from a few of the gymnasts on

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