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Texas Dreams Four Part Progression for Front Pike

Texas Dreams Four Part Progression for Front Pike
Like many elite coaches, Kim Zmeskal first made her mark as a competitor.  Zmeskal, however, surely stands above the crowd.  In 1991, she became the first American to earn a World All-Around gold medal.  

Zmeskal has managed to replicate her success as a competitor in the coaching spectrum as well.  Her highly esteemed gym, Texas Dreams Gymnastics, has in just over a decade, cemented itself as one of the most successful gyms in the country -producing Elite National Champions, International All-Around winners and World Team Members.  Bottom line: Kim Zmeskal produces the superstars of tomorrow.

Zmeskal showed us a variety of drills that we were able to add to our Gymnastike Gold library, but this four part progression for front pike really stands out.

Each of these drills helps in creating muscle memory for correct body position/technique when these girls are performing the front pike.  These drills aim to exaggerate what each gymnast's body is supposed to feel like when they rotate so that they can emphasize correct rotation shape and proper form when performing the pike in competition.  Feel free to progress, in order, from the first drill onward.

Drill for Rotation Shape in Saltos
Kim originally developed this drill to help with Kennedy Baker's pike Arabian to the floor.  This is a very simple drill that helps with rotation shape.  

Body Position Improvement Drill for Front Pike
This drill helps to improve body position by emphasizing the feeling of over-rotating in the front pike.  

Preparing for the Front Pike 
Here Kim shows a drill that helps with proper technique before performing the front pike as well as correct body positioning upon landing.  

Front Pike Drill: A Staple at Texas Dreams
This is one of the "staples" that Zmeskal's gymnasts use in their complex as well as their conditioning.  

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